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Indie (Turnover) Key shows

101. Nerd TV (£2.38 m) The 12 Year Old Lifer (C4), The Baredevil (C4), Inside the Gangsters Code (Disc)

102. Magic Light (£2.36m) Room on the Broom (BBC1)

103. Minnow Films (£2.35m) 7/7: One Day in London (BBC2), Walking Wounded: Return to the Frontline (C4)

104. Rise Films (£2.31m) Plebs (ITV2)

105. Knickerbockerglory (£2.26m) Jody Marsh Bodybuilder (Sky), Jody Marsh Brawn in the USA (Sky)

106=. Lupus Films (£2.1m) The Snowman and the Snowdog (C4), The Hive (Disney Junior,CITV)

106=. True Vision (£2.1m) Hunt for Britain’s Sex Gangs (C4), America’s Poor Kids (BBC2)

108. Yalli (£2.05m) Impractical Jokers (BBC3)

109=. Matchlight (£1.7m) Russell Brand: From Addiction to Recovery (BBC3, BBC1), Dispatches (C4)

109=. Indus (£1.7m) Wild Shepherdess with Kate Humble (BBC3)

111. Sweet TV (£1.65m) Andy Bates Street Feasts (Food Network), Jenny Morris Cooks (Food Network)

112. Testimony Films (£1.6m) 9/11 The Miracle Survivor (C4), Love and Marriage (BBC4)

113. Wildfire Television (£1.55m) Walking through History (C4), Time Team Specials (C4)

114. CB Films (£1.45m) Mammoth: Back from the Dead (Nat Geo), Confessions of a Male Stripper (C4)

115. Watershed TV (£1.33m) Show Me What You Are Made Of (CBBC), Stacey Dooley Investigates (BBC3)

116. Sixteen South (£1.26m) Big & Small (CBeebies), Pajanimals (Sprout)

117. Proudfoot (£1.04m) The Enigma of Nic Jones (BBC4)

118 =. Hardcash (£1m) Britain on the Sick (C4), Britain’s Hidden Hungry (BBC1)

118=.  Newman St (£1m) St Crime Stories (ITV)

120. ClearStory (£944k) World War Two: 1942 & the Soft Underbelly (BBC4)

121. Irresistible Films (£954k) Random Acts (C4), UEFA Champions League Opening Ceremony (ITV)

122. Midnight Oil (£941k) The Doctors Revisited (BBC America)

123. Films of Record (£900k) Hugh Grant: Taking on the Tabloids (C4), Changing Fortunes (BBC World)

124. Lambent (£834k) Out of Jail and On the Streets (BBC1), Tales from the Old Bailey (BBC2)

125. Illuminations (£648k) Julius Caesar (BBC4), Being Shakespeare (Sky Arts)

126. Bungalow Town (£236k) The Road: A Story of Life and Death, Living With Poverty: Country Kids (BBC1)

127. Bigger Picture  (£150k) Madness in the Desert (BBC4), Joey - The Man Who Conquered the TT (ITV4)

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