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Indies make an increasing amount of money from international sales, so the choice of a good distribution partner is a critical one.

According to the Production 100, indies earned on average 11% of their revenues from exploiting their programme rights. The majority of the income, 8%, came from overseas sales, while 3% came from selling programmes to secondary UK broadcasters.

The superindie groups all have their own inhouse sales operations (All3Media, Endemol, Shine, Zodiak, Fremantle, DCD Media), which also act as sales agents for other producers. Larger indies, like Hat Trick and Two Four, often have their own operations. That leaves most medium sized and smaller indies with a choice of distributor, and many according to our poll, use the commercial arms of the key broadcasters, BBC Worldwide, ITV Global Entertainment and Sky Vision, as well as a range of independent distributors.

Most used distributor:
Based on indie responses to the question in the Production 100 survey: ‘which distributor handles your programme sales?’
1 BBC Worldwide
3 Zodiak Rights
4 ITV Global Entertainment
5 FremantleMedia
6 Endemol Worldwide Distribution
7 Electric Sky
8 Passion Distribution
9= All3Media International, Sky Vision, DCD Rights

Most Rated Distributor:

Based on indie responses to the question in the Production 100 survey: ‘which distributor do you rate?’
1 BBC Worldwide
2 ITV Global Entertainment
3= DRG, Shine, Zodiak Rights
6= Fremantle Enterprises, Endemol Worldwide Distribution, All3Media International, DCD Rights
10 Passion Distribution

What indies say about distributors:

BBC Worldwide:
“Great people, responsive, cash flow advance, deliver returns back to producers”
“Global range”
“Unparalleled size and scope. BBC Showcase is hard to beat as a meeting place in the UK”
“I like their reputation and ability to sell around the world with established markets and great sales teams”

“Quick to respond and quick to see opportunities
We have been impressed in recent dealings with DRG on different projects”
“Approachable, straightforward and direct”

Zodiak Rights:
“Great people, massive reach, excellent reporting frequency, dedicated and knowledgable account manager and good all in commission rate.“
“Good personal service, good grasp of producers needs”

ITV Global Entertainment:
“They appreciate our output and work hard for us”
“Truly international, attention to client contact and involvement from early stages”
“Strong financial support and good sales”
“They get behind things, easy to deal with, do what they say they’re going to do”

Fremantle Media:
“They work hard to sell our shows and they support their key suppliers very well”

Electric Sky:
“Niche, responsive, personal”

Passion Distribution:
“Highly motivated sales team, good reporting systems and great branding and marketing materials.

All3Media International:
“Great sales people”
“The leading UK distributor of programmes in most genres”

DCD Rights
“They do a good job selling our shows and keeping us up-to-date with what the international market is looking for”

Shine International
“Very entrepreneurial sales team”

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