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November 2018

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    Thanks to advances in camera technology, the possibilities of aerial filming are greater than ever before. Pippa Considine reports on some of the year’s standout aerial projects
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    The OB industry is embracing major change as it adapts to the worlds of UHD, HDR and IP. Michael Burns reports
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Production 100, 2013 Back to Reports & survey Listing

The peer poll is a very different kind of ranking from the main Production 100 list. Instead of being based on financial success, it’s a measure of the regard that an indie is held in by its peers in the industry.

The poll is compiled by totting up the responses from all indies taking part in the survey to the question: which rival indie do you most respect and why?

Dozens of indies are cited by their rivals, and the ranking is based on those with the most votes overall. Meanwhile the quotes that run through  this article come directly from the extensive, and often generous off-the-record feedback that we received to the question.

1. The Garden   
For the second year in a row, The Garden comes out top of the Peer Poll. But this time its victory is sweeter as it has the podium all to itself, after sharing first place last year. The high regard that the producer of 24 Hours in A&E is held was confirmed in April when it was bought by ITV Studios for an initial £18m. Rivals cite its “surprising and original content.”

2. Raw TV
Raw TV rises from sixth to second place this year, winning kudos for its rapid growth in the US as well as its output such as Gold Rush and feature doc The Imposter. It’s acclaimed as a “strong and innovative producer who understands the US market” and is “clever, forging ahead but still incredibly creative.”

3. Wall to Wall
One of the great constants of the Peer Poll is the appearance of Wall to Wall each year. The producer of The Voice, New Tricks and Who Do You Think You Are? takes third place (again), cited for “retaining quality and an increasingly wide genre slate for 20 years”, “great innovation” and a “great slate of quality formats.”

4. Kudos
It’s been a stellar year for drama producer Kudos thanks to acclaimed series Broadchurch and Utopia. This has translated straight to the Peer Poll. “They’re still making distinctive and resonant shows,” says one indie. Another adds: “After a bit of a lull, Kudos has come back with a bang.”

5=. Big Talk, Red and Windfall
Fifth place is shared by three indies. Rev and Friday Night Dinner indie Big Talk, recently acquired by ITV Studios, is picked out for its “fabulous range” and for “successfully branching into drama”.  Another rival describes them as “Funny, funny, funny. Creative.” It’s also been a good year for drama producer Red, which breaks into the Peer Poll after producing its biggest ever slate. “We admire the breadth of their output, and their ability to make quality, mainstream hits like Scott & Bailey and Last Tango in Halifax,” says one indie, while another picks out Red for “well-scripted and well-cast programmes that are always a little bit different.” Windfall shares fifth spot and is described as “inventive” and “tenacious with good vision.” “They have been behind a few standout projects such as Foxes Live and the continuing strand, Inside Nature’s Giants, which have stamped their mark in the factual genre. They are ambitious too in their multi-platforming techniques.”

8. Twofour
Two Four climbs to eighth place, up from 13th last year. The Educating Essex and Splash! Producer is picked out for “its ability to keep winning commissions” and its “range of output”. Others say Two Four “understands the branded content space” and is a “successful company grown from the regions.”

9. Keo Films
In ninth place is Keo Films, producer of Skint and Hugh’s Fish Fight.  “They always go above and beyond and we admire their culture,” says one rival. “They manage to do innovative programmes including interactive content,” says another, and are “really building on their brands in a clever way.”

10. Dragonfly
Dragonfly is the second Shine-owned indie to make it into the Peer Poll top 10. The producer of One Born Every Minute and The Hotel is cited for its “surprising and original content”, “innovative shows” and “for persistent experimenting and finally pulling off The Plane Crash.”

Just outside the top 10

Hat Trick “Exciting new media/360 shows and they balance ambition and niceness.”
Firecracker “Surprising and original content”. “Great talent at the helm.” Blast! “Their style of observation/interview is currently defining the best of modern documentary making about our national institutions.” Icon “Quality factual films,” “great ambition and they’ve grown in Bristol.” Love “Consistently ambitious shows.” Lion TV “Developers of formats with worldwide appeal.” Sunset+Vine “Respected people, high production standards.” CPL “For building a strong brand in entertainment”, “Keep getting key commissions.” Baby Cow ”Amazing record with scripted comedy”, “They constantly produce great shows.” Minnow “Director led films.” True Vision “Distinctive and high quality.” “Virtually undiluted by lower quality money-making projects.” Hartswood “Quality – time and time again.” 360 Production “They’re ambitiously tackling online-television before most other companies, and they’re having fun with their fresh ideas.” Neal Street ”Successfully delivering award-winning and commercially successful drama.” Left Bank “Ambitious large scale projects which they deliver on.”

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