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The leading superindie groups ranked on UK turnover, and listing the key production companies they own

1. All3Media
Owned by Private equity and management UK turnover £277m
Global turnover £473m Indies All3Media International, Bentley, Company Pics, Lime, Lion, Little Dot, Maverick, North One, Objective, One Potato Two Potato, Optomen, Studio Lambert

2. Endemol UK
Owned by Private equity
UK turnover £195m 
Indies Remarkable Television, Initial, Tiger Aspect, Zeppotron, Darlow Smithson, Tigress

3. Shine Group
Owned by 20th Century Fox
UK turnover £178m  Global turnover £529m Indies Shine TV, Princess Productions, Kudos, Dragonfly, Lovely Day, Brown Eyed Boy, Shine Pictures

4. FremantleMedia UK

Owned by RTL UK turnover £140m
Indies Thames, Talkback, Boundless, Retort, Newman Street

5. Shed Media Group
Owned by Warner Bros UK turnover £100.4m Global turnover £140m Indies Shed, Wall to Wall, Ricochet, Renegade, Yalli, Twenty Twenty, Watershed

6. Tinopolis Group
Owned by private equity and management UK turnover £79.1m Global turnover £150m Indies Sunset+Vine, Mentorn, Pioneer, Tinopolis Wales, Firecracker

7. Avalon
UK turnover £69m Indies Avalon, Liberty Bell, Tinderbox, Flame, Topical

8. Sony Pictures UK
UK turnover £55.3m Indies Left Bank, Silver River, Victory Television, Gogglebox

9. NBC Universal
UK turnover £52.8m Indies Carnival, Monkey Kingdom, Chocolate Media

10. ITV Studios
UK turnover £48.3m (for UK owned indies only) Global revenue £395m
Indies The Garden, So Television, Big Talk

11. Boom Pictures
UK turnover £28.4m Indies Boom Pictures Cymru, Boomerang, Mainstreet Pictures, Oxford Scientific Films, Indus

12. Argonon
UK turnover £25m Indies Leopard, Remedy, Transparent TV, Britespark Films

13. DCD Media
UK turnover £16.1m Indies September Films, Matchlight, Rize USA, Prospect

14. Ten Alps
UK turnover £8.3m Indies Blakeway, Films of Record, Brook Lapping

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