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Corporate 50 2013 Back to Reports & survey Listing

A snapshot of the feedback from corporate producers asked about their ongoing challenges and concerns

Triple Dipping
“The unstable economic environment, with large PLCs sitting on cash, unwilling to invest in good communications. A lack of confidence in their own company’s future. Jacaranda
“The uncertainty in the global economy, Europe and the changing political landscape.” Twofour
“Continuing uncertainty over the broader economic outlook, particularly in relation to Europe.” Merchantcantos

Attracting talent
“One of my main concerns for the industry not just for next year but for the future in general is whether we can attract the talent that we need. It is getting increasingly difficult to find good talent wishing to work in a full time role in corporate production.” Speakeasy

Anyone and his dog
“Clients thinking they can make things themselves with a laptop and a digital camera.” Juice
“Making sure we can differentiate ourselves from the content providers who are out there – and crucially getting a client to understand the difference between filmmaking and content providing. Having clients understand that value in filmmaking lies not just in its execution but in the design and the scripting of the content which still requires experienced professionals.” Pukka
“Competing with organisations who offer film that is not of broadcast standard and much cheaper.  A number of marketing agencies are recruiting inhouse videographers which, of course, has an impact. We need to ensure that our area is a speciality and ensure standards are kept high.” Classlane
“In the middle market where we do most of our work we do see clients going for cheap one man operators although they do often come back after a bad experience. As a result we are having to be more creative in our approach in terms of the added value we can offer to win the work.” Spike Productions

“making procurement people realise they are not buying a commodity, they are buying a creative service.” Juice.
“Typically we are striking a deal in good faith face to face with our decision maker. Procurement then get involved and pick apart what has previously been agreed.” Top Banana
As procurement departments continue to rise to prominence in big business this will make a basically fairly non-bureaucratic craft industry become more corporate and could threaten creativity.” Barford

Digital moves
“We have started to develop a number of ‘non-traditional’ services and products in mobile apps, online TV services and social media. This is becoming a significant revenue stream and bigger clients are proving receptive to innovative solutions. We envisage further growth from the app market and development of bespoke social media/mobile products and services.” Eon
We are starting to see more interest and demand from our key accounts to develop content or pilots in interactive video, apps and social video stategies. This is clearly a vibrant area which offers many opputunities for our clients. We are trying to educate ourselves in the space as rapidly as possible and then feed that knowledge back into our client base. Hub

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