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September 2018

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  • The Production 100
    Tim Dams introduces Televisual’s exclusive Production 100 survey of the indie television sector, now in its 26th year, and finds the rise of the streamers is creating opportunity –but also plenty of anxiety. The report includes the top 100 indies, the
  • The Genre report: Factual TV
    Demand for factual is growing as channels fight ever harder for audiences. Televisual Factual Festival producer Pippa Considine reports
  • All the Fun of the Fair
    ITV and Amazon’s new Vanity Fair adaptation demanded a period drama with a modern sensibility. But how was that balancing act achieved? Jon Creamer reports
  • The Art of the Vfx Super
    Creativity, tech know-how and a cool head are essential attributes for a vfx supervisor. Three top supers tell Jon Creamer how they help create screen magic
  • Channel 4's big move
    Three cities are still in the running for the new out-of-London Channel 4 HQ and three for the two creative hubs. The indies in those cities say the potential prize is immense. Jon Creamer reports
  • IBC preview
    IBC is a great place to check out both new launches and to get your hands on something already announced at NAB. Here’s a small taste of what’s likely to be on offer
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Corporate 50 2013 Back to Reports & survey Listing

1. The Edge
And for another year it’s The Edge that takes the top spot in the Corporate 50’s Peer Poll. It picks up plaudits for, among other things, being “so consistently at the top of its game” as one voter puts it. It also gains votes for “expanding into the Middle East” as well as the “sheer volume of work” it produces” and for having “excellent clients” and being  “always in the frame.” Its groaning mantelpiece also attracts peer poll voters who point to it “consistently winning a vast number of awards.”

2. Pretzel Films
Another year in second position for the much admired Pretzel. It wins its votes for its “innovative work” and because it “continues to grow.” Other voters choose it for being a “new leaner model” that has “great storytelling and craft skills.” Many of its votes though derive from its model of continually developing new talent. “I love that company ethos of growing new directors and making it run through the fabric of their organisation,” says one admirer. Others also mention the “opportunities they provide to new young directing talent” and its “commitment to quality.”

=3. New Moon
New Moon makes it to third place in the peer poll once again lauded for its “interesting range of work” as well as its “great reputation, client list and high production values” along with having a “very strong and established production model with great output.”

 =3. Wilder
Edging up from seventh place last time is the Peer Poll’s joint third placed Wilder that gains votes for being “quirky” with “fresh creative.” It’s picked out for being “innovative and creative” with most voters admiring it for its “creative dramatic approach to its work.”

5. Jack Morton
In fifth place is Jack Morton, admired by voters because it ”retains great clients” as well as for its “size and the global scope of work” as well as for its “diverse” and “innovative” output.

In sixth comes Imagination which gains peer votes both for the “quality of its work” as well as simply for its “longevity.”

Lonelyleap also takes sixth for its “great ideas and execution.”

The Bank
In eighth is The Bank with voters picking it out for its “good brand execution” and by others for being “creative and cool.”

=8. Casual Films
Also in eighth is Casual Films which draws in admirers due to its “combination of content and creativity” and its “commitment to high production values.” Others mention its “nice work” as well as “the up and coming, young talent that can deliver fresh interesting ideas and top execution.”

10. Twofour
Twofour grabs the final position in this year’s Peer Poll top ten because, among other things “they seem to cover so many genres, styles and outlets.”

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