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Each year we send survey forms out to post production/vfx houses and ask them for full details of the services they provide, how they have found the last year, their turnover, size, breakdown of work, the post houses they most admire and so on.

Some of this information is used as part of the criteria to rank the post houses in the top 50, alongside producer votes from our polls of producer clients. Post houses are ranked on four factors – turnover, producer votes, kit/services and peer votes. 50% of the overall ranking is based on turnover, producer votes make up 25% of the final score, 15% is for peer votes and 10% is down to kit/services.

The producer votes are pulled together from surveys published in Televisual throughout the year. During our ‘Production 100’ survey (last month) we ask TV indies to name the three post houses they use the most, and the three they rate the most. We ask the same of ad producers in our ‘Commercials 30’ survey, and we ask corporate producers in our ‘Corporate 50’ survey. Votes for each post house are collated together to form their overall producer score.

A post house’s kit/services ranking depends on the range and scale of services it provides. The more extensive the range of kit/services, the higher the score. The total points a company can receive for any one service is capped to stop a company with hundreds of vfx workstations but comparatively few other services, for example, from topping the kit/services list on the basis of vfx alone.

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