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Top kit investments in 2011/2012

MPC: £5m
Office expansion in LA, NY, Vancouver and Bangalore, digital services, colour grading and remote viewing network; Dolby PRM 4200 monitors, Sony PVW 2541 OLED monitors, FilmLight Baselight TWO, Flare
The Mill: £4m
Aspera (transparent networking across all office locations), upgraded Flames, expanded Nuke capability, tapeless workflow network
Films@59: £3m
Acquisition kit including cameras and prime lenses. Additional media storage
Molinare: £3m
Grading facilities upgrade
Framestore: £2.5m
Infrastructure and data storage improvements, including Bluarc and a DVS San storage area network. 3D Stereoscopic capability also improved. Motion Capture Studio.  Growing its previsualisation partnership. Growing the visual development department. Additional 5,000 processors on off site render farm bringing total to 15,000 processor render farm.
Envy: £2m
Offline, FilmLight Baselight, Flame Premium 
and fifth building
Technicolor: £2m
Console upgrades, digital front-end investment, increased storage
Prime Focus: £1.5m
Additional Baselights with Dolby Professional reference monitors. CandIT Warp storage system to improve workflow efficiencies in the commercials division. Trinnov box to enhance audio capabilities. Designing, developing and releasing of Rapta – a rushes ingest and back up system developed by broadcast division. Enhanced Prime Focus Technologies’ CLEAR asset management system offering
Deluxe 142: £1.2m
Audio upgrade, storage, software updates, content streaming app, plugins
The Farm: £1.2m
Infrastructure, upgrades, storage, connectivity
Onsight: £1m
Barco DP2K-Projector, RealD 3D system, fourth Mistika and software
Evolutions: £1m
Avid upgrades, storage, location recording, hardware
Absolute: £1m
Grading, server infastrucure, cg

Top kit investments planned for 2012/2013

The Farm: £5m
A new facility
Framestore: £3.5m
Setting up LA office. High performance computing, data storage and software development. Continuing improvements to  offsite render farm.  Pipeline standardisation and efficiencies. Growing and investing in previs partnership and visual development department. Production.
MPC £2m
Digital services, remote viewing network, collaborative, creative and communication tools, workstations with GPU, 10 Gbit networking, render and storage.
Technicolor: £2m
Continuing to invest in core activities, developing into extended services
Hogarth: £2m
New technology
Envy: £1.6m
Offline, vfx, online
Smoke and Mirrors: £1m
Expanding current offering, faster delivery, pipeline and infrastructure
Reliance: £1m
Software and hardware upgrades, more render farms, networking, emerging software developments
Molinare: £1m
Upgrade of audio facilities, including a new ADR facility. Also assessing further Baselight systems.
Evolutions: £1m
Avid upgrades, storage, location recording,  hardware
Deluxe 142: £1m
Storage, monitoring, security

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