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November 2018

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  • The Facilities 50
    Jon Creamer launches Televisual's 31st exclusive annual Facilities 50 survey featuring the top post production houses in the UK and 48 pages of analysis of the sector
  • The Commercials 30
    Jon Creamer introduces Televisual’s exclusive Commercial 30 survey, reporting on a year of highs and lows for commercials producers.
  • The Drama Genre Report
    With competition from streamers intensifying, UK broadcasters are exploring new drama strategies. Tim Dams reports
  • Primary Colours
    Five leading movie colourists tell Michael Burns the secrets of their craft, and explain the techniques they use to grade movies like The Danish Girl, Peterloo and Baby Driver
  • Up, up and away!
    Thanks to advances in camera technology, the possibilities of aerial filming are greater than ever before. Pippa Considine reports on some of the year’s standout aerial projects
  • OB: Which Way Now
    The OB industry is embracing major change as it adapts to the worlds of UHD, HDR and IP. Michael Burns reports
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Corporate 50 2012 Back to Reports & survey Listing

Ceo Steve Garvey Tel 020 7243 7350
Clients We Are Anglo-American for Anglo American; A Year of Change for BP; A Question of Control for Lloyds Masters

World’s ceo Steve Garvey picks out “building a live webcasting platform that offers simultaneous translation in all 23 official European languages” as a highlight in a “tough, competitive market. With little or no growth in the economy – demand has been unpredictable, although business with global companies has held up overall. We saw a greater emphasis on approved supplier lists or long term supply contracts, a trend which we welcome.”

Md Richard Batty Tel 020 7631 3417
Clients The Difference in Us for KPMG; Be Bentley for Bentley; Energy to the World for Saudi Aramco

Films for KPMG and Bentley “based on strong creative treatments and realistic budgets” were highlights says md Richard Batty, along with some tough pitch wins. But the company’s concern is with the closure of the COI. “It is unclear how public sector work will be procured,” he says.

14 Aeorema (formerly CHEERFUL SCOUT)
Chief exec Gary Fitzpatrick Tel 020 7291 0444
Clients Pass it On for UBS; Hearts & Minds (Partner Market) for Inmarsat; Winning in the Market for Ernst & Young

“The market space is becoming increasingly competitive,” says Aeorema, “with relatively new entrants to the market now competing for budgets. However, experienced clients remain loyal and continue to present us with opportunities.”

15 BDA
Group md Honor Barratt Tel 020 7440 1070
Clients  150 Years of Standard Bank for Standard Bank; Barclays Premier Launch Campaign for Barclays; Speak Up, Speak Out for Holocaust Memorial Day Trust

“Our 2011 goals were to increase the amount of B2C work we produce, diversify our client mix and strengthen our digital and print capabilities,” says BDA’s Oliver Rowe. He says that BDA’s work has now “successfully blurred the line between corporate comms, internal comms and branded content aimed at consumers” citing the Holocaust Memorial Trust’s Speak Up, Speak Out campain and Don’t Bottle it Up for British Forces.

Creative director Nick Straker
Tel 020 8605 2012
Clients Nightmare on Grid Street for National Grid; Finance Ready for Nationwide; Look Who’s Talking for Gwent Police

“Given the economy, I can see another tough year ahead, but that shouldn’t stifle creativity,” says Straker’s creative director, Nick Straker. “It’s all about having the confidence to come up with ideas that you know you can pull off within a restrictive budget.” He says highlights of 2011 included winning “more IVCA awards than any company in the UK in 2011, a huge achievement given our modest size.”

Md Andrew de Lotbinière
Tel 020 7866 0000
Clients Health Film for Saipem ENI; Performance Management for BP; NEST Pensions for NEST

“It’s been tougher than it was in 2010 – mainly owing to the massive contraction in public sector spending,” says Pukka md Andrew de Lotbinière. “But there is still lots of work out there, and as online film and video develops there are still going to be big opportunities.” But overall he says he expects the sector to “remain much as it was in 2011 – competition will be tough, prices will be pressured and budgets will remain the same or shrink.”

18 Casual films
Md Barnaby Cook Tel 020 3411 8040
Clients Global Onboarding Video Project for PwC; Enovia: Your World In Formation for Dassault; Chemistry All Around You for EPCA / UNESCO

Tough but improving is Casual Films’ take on the outlook for the next year. “We see budgets continuing to rise as brands move more of their marketing spend into online content. And we are cementing our presence in the US with a permanent office in New York,” says creative director, Nick Francis.

Md Richard Smith
Tel 020 7288 1818
Clients Peter the Meter for Southern Water; Offshore Europe for BP; Introducing Concateno for Concateno

Commenting on the outlook for the coming year, Take3 says that “things are likely to stay the same as they have been over last two years – tough competition and a clear need to demonstrate value for money and effectiveness of communications to clients.”

Md Steve Salam Tel 0191 2790950
Clients SSI Change programme for SSI UK; Small Group Training for NHS SCotland; Quality Solicitors for Quality Solicitors

It was an award winning year for Dene Films with gongs at the New York Festivals, IVCAs, an RTS Award and a Bafta nomination. “The quality of our work remains high, despite the commercial pressures we have faced,” says Dene md, Steve Salam. “Breaking into network broadcast was also a significant achievement.” But it was far from an easy year, he says. “The climate has been difficult, with budgets being cut and revenues falling back. Competition is extremely tough and clients are looking for a lot of added value. We remain nervous about revenues. However we get the feeling that things can’t fall back much further and if anything there are glimmers on the horizon of optimism.”

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