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July 2017

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  • The Production Technology survey
    Televisual's annual production technology survey reveals the kit that producers are using to make their shows and what they think of it. Tim Dams reports
  • Kids TV
    After several tough years, the children's TV sector has suddenly been hit by a series of good news stories. Jon Creamer reports
  • Tunes for television
    Dozens of production music libraries compete to offer cost effective tracks for TV shows. The choice can be bewildering so Televisual asks top libraries for advice on picking the right track for the job
  • Specialist kit showcase
    From the new, exciting and innovative to the decidedly odd looking but definitely very useful, Televisual rounds up a few examples of kit that can enhance your production
  • Single voices
    Mark Gatiss tells Jon Creamer how he directed and curated a series of monologues for the BBC's Gay Britannia season
  • Film editing
    Editor Paul Machliss explains how he cut Edgar Wright's heist movie Baby Driver to the beat
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  • Animation report
    The UK animation sector has gone from strength to strength in recent years. But with Brexit on the horizon, the industry is working hard to keep the momentum up. Jon Creamer reports
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Facilities 50 2011 Back to Reports & survey Listing

1. The Mill
2. MPC
3. Framestore
4. The Farm Group
5. Envy
6. Prime Focus
7. Molinare
8. Evolutions
9. Deluxe 142
10. Technicolor
11. Rushes
12. Films at 59
13. Glassworks
14. Gorilla
15. The Pinewood Studios Group
16. Unit
17. Smoke & Mirrors
18. Splice
19. Air Post
20. Lipsync
21. Dubbs | Eyeframe
22. Sumners
23. Clear Cut Pictures
24. Crow TV
25. Absolute
26=. Hogarth Worldwide
26=. Halo
28. BTV
30. Suite
31. Bigbuoy
32. Goldcrest
33. Stanley Productions
34. Director’s Cut
35. Finish
36. De Lane Lea
37. Bubble TV
38. uFX
39. Edit 123
40. Big Bang
41. Factory
42. Wam London
43. Platform
44. Lola
45. The Joint
46. Rapid Pictures
47. Storm HD
48. Azimuth
49. Exposure Post
50. Bravo Post

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