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The highly respected Televisual Handbook online launched on January 12th 2009. The Televisual Handbook online is a brand new, unique offer with the considerable backing of the Televisual brand. Below you can find out the detail behind the offer but in short we are offering the upstream production community the very best online resource to search for primary clients and suppliers and competitive advertising rates with considerable early adopter added value and benefits.

  • The Televisual Handbook online includes meaningful, real world detailed information about clients and suppliers that provide the busy production executive with the key information they need before drawing up shortlists or making contact.
  • The Televisual Handbook online is beautifully designed with intuitive navigation to make it as easy as A B C to use.
  • The Televisual Handbook online is backed by Televisual, the magazine for the UK production community that reaches more buyers of facilities services and production technology than any other industry magazine.
  • The Televisual Handbook online includes competitively priced advertising to give you the best value for money, Point of Sale advertising opportunity with incredible added value and rewards for early adopters.





Televisual can justly claim to understand the needs of the UK production market better than any other commercial media. Launched with the birth of C4 in 1982, Televisual has evolved and grown in to the magazine of record for the production community. The Televisual editorial team and regular contributors all have considerable experience of the marketplace with the best address books of any journalists in the business making Televisual the defining read for UK production professionals. Any one issue of Televisual is written with the on-the-record opinions and views of over one hundred senior executives from across commissioning, funding, production, facilities resources and product supply - the exact remit of the Televisual Handbook online.

In 2002 Televisual at first channelled this knowledge in to the Televisual Quarterly Handbooks that over time developed in to the annual Televisual Handbook. The Handbook is a veritable who’s who of Televisual’s contacts and readers, further informed by Televisual’s interviews, surveys and reports over the year to create the must-have book for all serious production executives. It is Televisual’s unique, first hand understanding of and direct contact with the UK production community that we have translated in to both the printed and now online Handbook.

Televisual can also demonstrate its considerable reach in to the production community with the most potent circulation of any UK B2B title in this space and it’s a circulation we can prove, please see Televisual’s outstanding ABC Audit Televisual’s primary readers are senior executives, producers, directors and project managers working in television, film, commercials and corporate communications. Because Televisual covers all production disciplines, we can demonstrate that the magazine is read by more buyers of kit or employers of production and post production resources than any other UK media.





The Televisual Handbook online provides practical, real world information about all primary clients and suppliers – in fact the primary disciplines and communities that Televisual writes about and moves within. The information provided is bespoke and specific to different industry disciplines and includes details such as location, what the company or individual does, what genre they work in, recent credits, key personnel, full contact details, specific product information and a whole, whole lot more. Many of you have a copy of the Televisual Handbook 2009 (published in December 2008) and the printed content provides the core content for the Televisual Handbookonline. The disciplines covered are broken down in the right hand column. The Televisual Handbook online is most definitely not another industry telephone directory. Please see it at

Please note that the site does not cover freelancers or more esoteric, specialist disciplines. If you’re looking for production crew we recommend going to and cannot understand why you’d go to an industry telephone directory that doesn’t tell you anything about the folk you might be interested in hiring (availability, experience, credits, up to date contact information?). Similarly the Televisual handbook online assumes that you need more than a company name or telephone number to make meaningful shortlists or new contacts. If you know who you’re looking for, we can help too - providing you with plenty of relevant information, insight and up to date contact information. But the core assumption is that you need more than just a company name and telephone number to do business with new clients or suppliers. The Televisual handbook online gives you just that.





We’ve made it as straightforward as possible to use with elegant, intuitive design and straightforward navigation. A couple of clicks and the visitor can find exactly the information they want.

Above all this is an editorial product with the information needs of the production executive or project manager and the desire to get the information instantly placed above all else. There are no gimmicky or largely unhelpful inward commercial imperatives. (Just think of all of those multiple listings covering one core discipline, such as post production, with no additional information unless paid for and many companies missing from the final data because they didn't pay the extra surcharges or as simple as trying second guess how TV studios listings might be labelled).

The strength of this proposition is perhaps best expressed by looking at how the site works - for example, the post production section where the visitor can search in one readily understood frame for the respective attributes it wants from a post house, including: location, genres of work post produced, recent credits, full contact information (key executives, address, URL live link, email live link) and a full breakdown of services offered - editing (SD or HD), audio (5.1, foley, ADR), grading (SD, HD, 2K or 4K), TK scanning (SD, HD, 2K or 4K), VFX (2D, 3D, animation and graphics), DVD (SD or Blu ray) and other services (film restoration, film recording, film cutting, camera and crew hire and TV studios).

It is also worth noting that the visitor also doesn’t have to register or pay to get in to the site. We believe that registration or payment are in this context contrary to the spirit of the web where access is generally expected to be open and secondly, can you remember all of your access passwords and codes?

Finally we’ve made all web links and emails active again so that the visitor can get in touch smoothly and efficiently.

The busy production executive has never had such a resource. With the backing of the Televisual brand, you can be sure that once experienced they’ll never want to go anywhere else to search for primary clients or suppliers.





Televisual has the most potent circulation of product and services buyers of any industry magazine in the UK and can demonstrate its reach with a compelling ABC Audit In Televisual’s latest audit, there are 4,582 controlled circulation readers - all of whom have demonstrated that they individually have significant budget spend on hiring production services, buying production kit, commissioning content, and/or asset management, storage and distribution. For more information, please see either the ABC Audit or for interpretation the overview section within this web site.

Significant and ongoing promotion of the web site is underway with a bellyband running with every issue from January to April. The web address is now included on the cover of Televisual (from January issue) and the site promoted in all Televisual Media magazines and supplements as well as email marketing to Televisual’s extensive e-database as well as in partnership with third parties (including associations and magazine friends). The email marketing is also implicit with editorial requests to check respective companies’ and individuals’ information online.





If you want to reach production professionals, The Televisual handbook online is simply and clearly the first-choice resource-based web site to advertise on:

The right online context - your advertising appears within a highly geared Point of Sale environment where executives are looking for primary suppliers.

The right online visitors - Televisual can independently prove with an ABC audit where our readers work, what (minimum) budget they control and even what they spend it on. We are confident that we can introduce the same readers to the best online resource for practical, real world, detailed information about primary clients and suppliers.

The right online offer - the new web site has been in the planning for the better part of two years and with our close knowledge and understanding of the market we are certain that the beautifully crafted design and accurate, real world content will prove an immediate hit.

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