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Women in TV: numbers rise by 2,300 in three years

Women in TV: numbers rise by 2,300 in three years
Pippa Considine
15 July 2013

Employment of women in the creative media industries has grown by almost 16,000 since 2009 with representation rising from 27% to 36% of the total workforce, according to the latest research published by Creative Skillset.

One of the largest areas of decline highlighted in the 2009 Census was within TV, where figures indicated that 5,000 women had left the industry. The latest Census shows that the number of women working in TV has since risen to 22,650, an increase of 2,300, bringing the representation of women in this industry back up to 45%.

Figures from the 2012 Creative Skillset Employment Census show the representation of women across the creative media industries has increased from 53,750 in 2009 to 69,590 in 2012. This reverses the previous decline seen between 2006 and 2009, where the representation of women in the workforce reduced from 38% to 27%.

Key points from the research:

•    Women’s employment is on the rise
•    the representation of women in 2012 is higher in industries where programmes were run specifically to support women, such as independent TV production, animation and computer games
•    women are now occupying more senior and creative roles than previously as illustrated by increases in the proportion of women working in the following occupational groups:

Figures show 2009 and 2012
Strategic Management 22% and 33%
Creative Development 25% and 46%
Production 39% and 50%
Broadcast Management 36%and 51%
Content Development 8% and 33%
Art and Design 12% and 22%

“Following the 2009 Census Creative Skillset commissioned the Women in the Creative Industries report and, together with our partners, put a number of initiatives in place to address the decline, which have clearly had a positive impact," says Creative Skillset executive director Kate O’Connor. "We welcome the increase in women across the industries but we must not be complacent.”

The full Census report with a detailed breakdown of each industry is available on the Creative Skillset website along with further data on the representation of women and ethnic diversity in the workforce.

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