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Web game for C4 Two Brothers animated comedy Full English

Web game for C4 Two Brothers animated comedy Full English
Staff Reporter
19 October 2012

Channel 4 has commissioned digital agency fish in a bottle and indie Two Brothers Pictures to produce a stand-alone web game to launch and extend Two Brothers' upcoming animated comedy Full English.

Fish in a bottle collaborated with Two Brothers to create an original story, which introduces the characters and takes them on a new adventure.The game, which will be rolled out episodically in four chapters, features three hours of play time.

The game starts in the quiet surroundings of the family household, with the player taking control of Edgar, the dad, as he solves puzzles to try and assemble the family for dinner. But a dramatic turn of events causes the family to be sucked into a game console, each landing in their own videogame pastiche. It's then up to the player to work out how to get each character back to the real world.

The show's full voice cast assembled to record original dialogue for the game, including Richard Ayoade, Kayvan Novak, Daisy Haggard, Rosie Cavaliero and Lucy Montgomery.

The first two chapters of the game will go live on the Channel 4 website ahead of the show's release.

Channel4' s Multiplatform commissioning editor for Comedy & Entertainment Jody Smith said: "Full English is a bold addition to Channel 4's comedy schedule, so we wanted to do something equally ambitious online….The game's so big, we're thinking of it as an ‘episode zero'. It's been a perfect collaboration between the two studios - the likes of which is rarely seen"

The Full English game features original artwork, cut-scenes, characters and script produced in-house by fish in a bottle. Robert Sloan, senior producer at fish in a bottle said of working on the project: "The close collaborative relationship between fish in a bottle and Two Brothers Pictures has meant that we have been able to create a comedic game which matches the style and tone of the show, something which is crucial given that the game launches before the show and so will be the audience's first introduction to the world of Full English."

Two Brothers Pictureswas set up this summer by brothers Jack and Harry Williams. It has signed a two year first look domestic DVD deal, with 4DVD and its first commission is six-part animated sitcom Full English for Channel 4. The Williams brothers have written the series, producing alongside the artist Alex Scarfe who created the main characters and background designs. The hand-drawn animation is by Rough Draft Studios (Futurama, The Simpson's Movie).

Over the last four years the brothers have worked in the US on pilot scripts for all the major networks including Twentieth Century Fox, Universal, ABC, Paramount and Warner Brothers, which lead them to set up Two Brothers Picturesin the UK.

Two Brothers Pictures has various projects, created and written by the brothers, close to being green lit. Series include a six-part comedy series Posh Boy for BBC Three, with actor Adam Deacon already attached, and their first drama, a ten-part thriller Bethune, in association with Company Pictures for BBC One. Two Brothers Pictures have also chosen to co-produce two comedy projects, one with Bwark Productions for Comedy Central and another with Roughcut TV for the BBC.

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