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Wave Studios unveils Dolby Atmos suite

Wave Studios unveils Dolby Atmos suite
Jon Creamer
06 October 2015

Wave Studios has now opened its new Dolby Atmos suite, billing itself as the world’s first commercials facility to be running Atmos through an Exigy sound-system.

A total of 42 separate speaker cabinets have been installed in the revamped Studio 3.

Senior Engineer, Tony Rapaccioli, has already completed Wave’s first mix in Dolby Atmos for Leo Burnett’s NSPCC spot ‘Alfie the Astronaut’.

Dolby have developed Atmos for both the professional cinema and domestic environments, with home-theatre systems already available on the market.

The installation of Atmos is part of Wave’s company-wide overhaul, with all floors and suites at the London headquarters under refurbishment.

Tony Rapaccioli, Senior Engineer, said: “Advertising is about creativity and there’s so much more creativity and impact to be had with Dolby Atmos, it goes above and beyond any existing sound system. From a creative standpoint it takes it to another level and that will be incredibly exciting for our clients. We now have this 360-degree sound space where you can be a lot more creative – even at brief stage – with the movement of sound and how you write your script. The potential to create powerful pieces of work is vast and Dolby are excited about how we can take the Atmos environment and really push it.”

Nick Watson, Technical Content Relations Director at Dolby Laboratories, says: “Dolby has a long standing relationship with Wave and we are thrilled that it is now one of the first mixing studios for commercials and trailers in Europe to install Dolby Atmos.

“Dolby’s award-winning sound technology, Dolby Atmos, gives filmmakers and sound mixers creative freedom to place and move sounds anywhere in the theatre, including overhead. This makes you feel as if you are right in the middle of the on-screen action or inside the film itself, not just watching it.

“This collaboration with Wave provides an opportunity to explore how Dolby Atmos can be used for story telling in advertising. Amazing sound doesn’t just need to be limited to when you watch a film; it’s about the whole experience. Audiences will be able to enjoy the full impact of adverts and trailers in Dolby Atmos and we’re looking forward to hearing the results.”

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