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UKTV's Gold orders interview series from North One

UKTV's Gold orders interview series from North One
Jon Creamer
01 April 2015

UKTV has commissioned The Interviews for its comedy channel Gold.
Each episode of the 6 x 60' series follows the career and personal story of legendary celebrities using archive from British TV chat shows and beyond. The show will TX on Gold in June 2015.
Voiced by actress and comedian Dawn French, the series uses footage of classic interviews and other archive footage to trace the lives of celebrities including Kenneth Williams, The Two Ronnies, Les Dawson, Oliver Reed, Spike Milligan, and the partnership of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore.
Commissioning Editor, Iain Coyle said, “The Interviews is a unique way of doing biography through chat show appearances, as the guests’ stories are told straight from the horse’s mouth. We are delighted Dawn French will add her warm and authoritative voiceover which will bring each episode together. It is a privilege for Gold to have the opportunity to craft, with North One, a compelling show that perfectly captures the personalities of our comedy legends.”
General Manager of Gold, Steve North said, “The Interviews features some of the sharpest and most inventive comic minds ever to grace the sofas of our infamous TV chat shows. From Les Dawson’s one-liners and gruff persona to the unpredictable and rebellious nature of Spike Milligan’s interviews, the Gold audience is in for a rare, enthralling and hilarious treat. This commission complements Gold’s other brand new series, Bob Monkhouse: Million Joke Man, and is a signal of our commitment to originating brand new and exclusive content for Gold.”
North One Executive Producer, John Quinn commented, “The best biographies feature those closest to the subject, the ones who really knew them best. We have just extended that logic, limiting ourselves solely to first-person testimony. The wealth of archive footage where the subjects discuss their extraordinary lives really did exceed all our expectations.  From traditional talk-shows to more in-depth documentary films, the likes of Kenneth Williams, Oliver Reed and Spike Milligan never flinch from the truth – these are really moving and honest self-portraits.”
The Interviews has been commissioned by UKTV's Director of Commissioning Richard Watsham and ordered by Gold's General Manager, Steve North. UKTV’s Commissioning Editor, Iain Coyle will act as Executive Producer for UKTV.

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