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UK television exports rise by 9% to hit £1.48bn

UK television exports rise by 9% to hit £1.48bn
Tim Dams
08 October 2012

UK television production exports grew by 9% in 2011, a new report from Pact has revealed.

Estimated total revenue from the international sale of the UK’s TV programmes, and associated activities, was £1.48bn – up from £1.36bn in 2010.

Published to coincide with the Mipcom programme market this week, the report, UK Television Exports Survey 2011, reveals a significant rise in exports to newer markets – up more than a third.

Outside traditional sales territories (USA, Australia etc) revenues are up 34% in the ‘rest of the world’, which includes Turkey, South Africa and parts of the Middle East.

Sales to the USA, the UK’s largest export market, grew by six per cent to £555m. Meanwhile, exports to Australasia stood at £164m, an 11% year-on-year increase.

Exports of finished TV programming are the UK’s largest source of TV revenue – income rose 18% to £701m, while UK formats sales rose from £115m in 2010 to £147m in 2011.

John McVay, chief executive of Pact, said: “International sales are a vital part of the sector’s overall revenue stream - newer markets, such as parts of the Middle East, are realising that the UK makes some of the best TV in the world.  It is positive that USA sales continue to rise and growth in Australasia revenues have cemented its position as the UK’s second biggest export market."

Steve Macallister, president and managing director, sales and distribution, BBC Worldwide, said: “This report clearly confirms what most of us have known for some time, that the UK creative sector is producing some of the best shows in the world.  Sherlock, Doctor Who and Frozen Planet performed amazingly well for BBC Worldwide last year.  And now The Great Bake Off format is proving to be a real break-away hit.  The whole industry should be proud of these terrific results from Pact.”

The TV exports report is produced by Pact with support from the BBC, ITV and UKTI.

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