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Two-hour canal boat trip to feature in BBC4 'slow TV' season

Two-hour canal boat trip to feature in BBC4 'slow TV' season
Staff Reporter
03 March 2015

BBC4 is to run a selection of programmes this spring inspired by the Scandinavian concept of ‘slow TV’, where events are filmed in real time.

The BBC Four Goes Slow season will include a series of three unrushed programmes celebrating traditional craftsmanship, an uninterrupted two-hour canal boat journey and a three-hour tour around the National Gallery devoid of voiceover or added sound effects.

Cassian Harrison, Channel Editor of BBC Four, said: “This surprising selection of programmes is the antithesis to the general direction much of television is going in. Slowing everything right down gives us the time to really observe things as they happen and this series of programmes celebrates the simple pleasures of life in the slow lane.”

Shows in the season include:
Make (3x30 for BBC Four)
Make is a series of three half-hour films celebrating traditional craftsmanship. In a world of fast-paced, high-tech mass production, Make takes a quiet, unhurried look at the making of a series of simple objects. Beautifully filmed and edited at a leisurely pace with no voiceover, each film is an absorbing, often hypnotic portrait of time-honoured skills and techniques, observing in exquisite detail the slow and careful crafting of objects such as a classic steel knife and a wooden chair.
Produced and directed by Ian Denyer; Executive produced by Richard Bright for BBC In-house productions. Commissioned by Clare Sillery, Commissioning Editor for Documentaries.

The Canal (1x120 for BBC Four)‚Ä®
The Canal is an uninterrupted two-hour canal boat journey down one of Britain's historic waterways filmed in real time. Following in the tradition of the Scandinavian slow TV moment, the film is billed as ‘a rich and absorbing antidote to the frenetic pace of modern life’. The audience will be able to take in the images and sounds of the British countryside, spotting wildlife and glimpsing life on the tow path, as if they were there. Guidebook facts about the canal and its history will be delivered by captions imbedded into the passing landscape.
Exec Produced by Emma Tutty for The Garden Productions and by Clare Paterson for the BBC.

National Gallery w/t (1x180 for BBC Four)‚Ä®

Documentary filmmaker Frederick Wiseman goes behind the scenes of the National Gallery in a journey to the heart of a museum inhabited by masterpieces of Western art from the Middle Ages to the 19th century. His three-hour film has no voiceover, no score and no added sound effects. The nearest thing to music is the drone of the polishing machines at dawn. Viewers are guided gently from board meeting to retouching workshop, from gallery floor, to seminar room; from the difficult financial decisions facing the charity’s executives to visitors’ appreciation of its blockbuster exhibitions.
Directed by Frederick Wiseman

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