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The Farm launches digital archive service

The Farm launches digital archive service
David Wood
24 April 2014

The Farm Group is the latest post production company to launch a file management service to help production companies deal with file-based deliverables.

Called Single Programme on the Shelf – or Spots – the service is designed to be a more useful and immediately accessible archive allowing subscribers easy access to all their digital content through the Farm's portal Fred.

Once programmes have been delivered in the Digital Production Partnership's required AS-11 format, for a £500 fee The Farm will store all file-based media on a folder on Fred for three years, removing the need for LTO tape archiving or HDCAM SR tape masters.

After three years the archive can be deleted or the service can be renewed.

The Farm Group technical director David Klafkowski said: “Any production company can buy some storage, but what we are offering here is a storage product managed by us through a known portal."

"Spots is the wrapping and the archiving of that media. We will hold assets –  all the layers from video to graphics, audio and metadata – which you can keep nearline for a year with the rest put into Amazon's Glacier or somebody elses’s deep storage.”

Klafkowski added that the Digital Production Partnership's AS-11 files, which all UK broadcasters will be requiring as their basic standard for file-based delivery from October, is a file-based deliverable and should not be treated as an editable archive source.

The idea is that archiving with Spots can become a simple one-off £500 line item in a programme budget which programme makers can include so they have the security of knowing that that the post deliverable archiving of the show is being managed.

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