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TalkTalk's user generated pop promos for The X Factor

TalkTalk's user generated pop promos for The X Factor
Jake Bickerton
29 August 2014

The TalkTalk idents to this year’s The X Factor, which starts tomorrow on ITV1 at 8pm, are a little more ambitious than in previous years, providing the opportunity for viewers to get their own “professionally-crafted” music videos aired on prime time TV.


The idents, which have been created by CHI&Partners, centre on content from an app called ‘Talk Talk TV Mix Off’, which, according to its press release, “pushes the boundaries of smartphone technology, enabling TV viewers to create their own music videos at home, with a real made-in-studio feel.” The best mixes will be aired during the show’s ad breaks, with an anticipated 160 user-generated spots being shown during this run of The X Factor. 


Believe Media’s promos director Sammy Rawal directed the visuals for the app, with MPC taking care of “digital development, technology and vfx." The app apparently turns fans’ homemade clips “look like real, professionally-produced and directed music videos.”


The fan-made music videos can feature up to four people, miming to nine different tracks over eight different music video styles, all directed by Sammy Rawal.


“This is a hugely ambitious project which blurs the lines between TV and mobile advertising, at a level of quality which has never been reached before,” believes Chad Warner, digital creative director at CHI&Partners. “TalkTalk’s partnership with The X Factor has charted the evolution of TV advertising in the digital age, and ‘Mix-Off’ represents how far we’ve come in that time.”


“[These idents are] really going to give X Factor viewers the chance to experience what it feels like to be in a high-end music video of their own,” adds Rawal. “We’ve tried to create a full range of videos that not only look amazing, but also appeal to a very broad audience.”


Meanwhile, Andre Assalino, interactive creative director, MPC, says: "User generated content, when it’s combined with high-end production values, really has a wow factor. Achieving the two together is a challenging brief, but we’ve cracked it, delivering a really unique app, which enables users to create, remix and share thousands of different music videos combinations. Being on TV has never been easier!”

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