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Tag creates game for upcoming Hotel GB on C4

Tag creates game for upcoming Hotel GB on C4
Staff Reporter
24 September 2012

Channel 4 has commissioned a game for Optomen's upcoming show Hotel GB from Dundee based Tag Games.

The game will be available free for iPhone, iPad and Android devices and will launch just ahead of the show's first episode on October 1st.

Colin Macdonald, Channel 4 commissioning editor for Games, said "As soon as I heard about the show it struck me how perfect its content was for a game."

The game will allow players to run their own Hotel GB. Players must try to run as slick an operation as possible, training staff up and attempting to expand the hotel to bank more cash.

Team leaders from the new prime time Channel 4 series - Gordon Ramsay and Mary Portas - will appear in the game as avatars, coming round to check up on players' progress, offering constructive feedback on players' performance, and for a job done well, allowing a bigger and glitzier hotel than before.

Players who manage to cope with a range of special events, keep demanding guests happy and pass Mary and Gordon's inspections will get to expand the hotel to add restaurants, bars, lounges, bedrooms, and more. When things get too much and time is tight, players can deploy traps to delay Gordon and Mary, checking up on their progress.

Players can update their friends on progress in their own Hotel GB through the featured Facebook and Twitter integration.

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