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Straight 8 launches ad industry Super 8 shootout

Straight 8 launches ad industry Super 8 shootout
Jake Bickerton
10 April 2017

Straight 8 is, for the second year running, organising an exclusive Straight 8 event around the Cannes Lions Festival. It’s called the Straight 8 Industry Shootout and, as its name suggests, is reserved only for ad industry folk. 


It provides those working in advertising with the chance to make their own Super 8 film and see it for the first time in front of an audience of their peers in Cannes, where it will be judged alongside 24 other entries and a winner selected.


Each entrant receives a cartridge of Super 8 film and has to shoot a film with a maximum length of 3 minutes 20 seconds, as dictated by the roll of film. The roll of film is then sent back to Straight 8 where it’s processed. So the first time it’s screened is the first time anyone will have seen it, including the filmmaker. This means no re-takes, no post production, and soundtracks have to submitted blind. 


The Straight 8 Industry Shootout is limited to 25 companies working in the global ad industry. Screenings of all 25 of the submitted films will be shown at Cinema les Arcades, Cannes on the morning of Friday June 23rd. The screening is presented by the APA in association with Cinelab London.


The cinema audience will then vote and the winning companies get to donate the prize money to the charities of their choosing. The entry fee for taking part in the event is £500.


“We tried the global industry shootout last year as an experiment, and were over the moon with the companies entering, the lengths and efforts they went to and most of all the resultant films,” says Ed Sayers, director, and founder of straight 8. “It was an electric atmosphere at 10am in the cinema in Cannes and the raucous screening, the instant voting and charity donating really brought everyone together. We’re hoping for another great shootout!”


Key dates:

Entry for the 25 pre-registered companies at 8pm UK time April 19th

Films dispatched from April 20th

Exposed, un-processed films to be delivered to Cinelab London (Slough) by 7pm, 26th May

Original soundtrack delivered digitally by 1st June

Screening at Cinema les Arcades, Cannes – Friday June 23rd, morning.


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