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Smart TV viewers not getting the most out of TVs

Smart TV viewers not getting the most out of TVs
Seb Smith
19 January 2015

The results of a recent report about Smart TVs, conducted by Philips uWand, revealed that although there has been a 15% increase in Smart TV ownership since 2012, almost half those who own Smart TVs are unsatisfied with the interface. 


The survey of 111 US participants showed that 92% of those surveyed used a standard button-based remote and half of those described the experience as ‘poor’. 


However, the report claimed people’s viewing habits on their Smart TVs have largely changed, with specifically, watching catch-up services on TV increasing in popularity, whereas services like internet browsing on TV were decreasing by up to 19% over the last two years.  


Companies like LG, Philips and Samsung are exploring different methods of providing an alternative interface to the standard TV remote control to make the experience of using a smart TV more intuitive and user-friendly. 


Philips uWand is one such device, being a gesture-based remote that features an inbuilt camera, enabling the user to navigate the smart TV accurately as sensors on the TV pick up the remote’s movement. 


The uWand also has a horizontal ‘qwerty’ keyboard that allows the user to browse the internet with greater ease and speed. 


With Smart TVs increasingly becoming more popular and affordable, could the days of the traditional button-based remote control now be numbered? 

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