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Sky Vision to make Churchill's Toyshop for Discovery

Sky Vision to make Churchill's Toyshop for Discovery
Staff Reporter
24 April 2015

Sky's inhouse production arm Sky Vision is producing one-off special Churchill’s Toyshop (1x60) for Discovery Networks UK.

The doc explores Winston Churchill’s clandestine research institute that was dedicated to creating strange and ingenious weapons of World War Two.

Christened Military Defence 1, the department quickly became known as Churchill’s toyshop as the wartime Prime Minister, faced with limited resources to outgun the Nazis, turned to inventive engineering to give British troops the edge in battle.

Inventions include; the PIAT, a British bazooka; the sticky bomb, an anti-tank device that could latch on to a tank and disable it; the limpet mine, a timed explosive that could cling to a ship’s hull and the W bomb, mines that could float beneath the surface of the water and travel deep behind enemy lines.

Graham Lafferty, Head of Discovery Channel UK & Ireland, said: “We are continuing our VE day strand of content with this fascinating story of remarkable wartime inventions. The documentary tells an incredible piece of wartime history of those behind some of the most ingenious engineering inventions of the war.”

Danny Tipping, Director of Programming and Development at Sky Vision Productions said: “We’re very happy to be able to bring the remarkable stories of these unsung heroes to life for Discovery”. Danny Tipping and Kate Haddock are Executive Producers for Sky Vision.

Adam Jacobs, Director of Factual Programming picked up the show and is the Executive Producer for Discovery Networks UK & Ireland.

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