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Sharon White named as new Ofcom chief executive

Sharon White named as new Ofcom chief executive
Staff Reporter
16 December 2014

Sharon White has been appointed as chief executive of Ofcom.

She will join broadcasting regulator Ofcom in late March 2015 from HM Treasury, where she is Second Permanent Secretary responsible for managing the UK’s public finances. Before that she was Director General, Public Spending at HM Treasury.

White replaces Ed Richards, who will step down as chief executive at the end of December 2014 after leading the organisation for eight years

An economics graduate, White has 25 years' experience in the public sector and Government, starting with spells in Washington, the No 10 Policy Unit, and the World Bank. She later worked in the Department for International Development, the Department of Work and Pensions, the Ministry of Justice and the Treasury.

Ofcom Chairman, Dame Patricia Hodgson, said: "Sharon brings with her an outstanding combination of intellect, political acumen and experience leading complex public organisations.
White said: "The communications sector is vital to the economy and delivers essential services to everyone in the UK. I look forward to starting in this fascinating job and building on Ofcom's considerable track record."

Steve Unger, Director of Ofcom's Strategy, International, Technology and Economist Group, will step up as Acting Chief Executive ahead of White starting her role.

White’s salary will be £275,000 a year.

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dr david hill
dr david hill  | December 17, 2014
Another Blair \'yes\' prodigy person just like the last incumbent of this political appointment that was there for 8-years. The problem is that all these so-called ombudsmen do literally nothing for their money and all these quangos should be dismantled (that cost the taxpayers tens of millions every year and probably the total cost exceeds £100 million). Indeed if you have ever had to go to one of these government ombudsmen you will know what I mean...a complete waste of time and effort. The WEB is full of people disillusioned with the system and where they have in the majority of cases been served out with \'rough justice\'. Indeed as an example if you go to the LGO (Local Government Ombudsman) you will find out eventually that they are former chief executives of local authorities who are in charge and where they back up their friends in local government. You have little chance of winning any consideration whatsoever against their local government colleagues. If you don\'t believe me undertake a \'Google\' search and you will find scathing websites dedicated to the wrongs that these quangos do. It appears clearly the case to me having studied the matter in-depth, that the government set up these government quangos to make the people think that there is a last resort appeal system in place that is just and fair. The reality is that none of them are just and fair, and far from it. They are all biased towards government bodies and the industries that they overlook (or serve in some respects) if you read the independent websites dedicated to the wrong doings of these so-called overseeing government bodies. Ofcom is bad enough and where the government (no matter what colour it is) needs \'yes\' people to run them to try and stop anything bad coming out politically (we know it does and where Ofcom does suppress things behind closed media doors - the other reason why it is there and in place) and where nearly £300k plus full additional expenses (bringing it to over £500k) is not bad for starters to get their political patronage. The Financial ombudsman is not even worthy of merit as we all know with allowing the banks to amass over £4.5 trillion in debt (Yes, £4.5 trillion) for the nation, predominantly due to the meltdown that we the taxpayers had to bail out according to PwC - \'UK\'s Debt is far more than what people really think\' -

These government bodies are therefore just smoke-screens as usual and where by the appointment of totally \'independent\' bodies can true justice be the case. For this can never happen when people are appointed who have worked directly for former prime ministers, ministers of state and bodies that they have worked within and have overseen, no matter even if they are former senior civil servants. The connections are too cozy and close for true merit and people should clearly understand this for transparency and pure justice. For there is none or little currently with the present regime of appointing political back-pocket people that will only look after the powerful interests of their appointees. Unfortunately I have say based upon many decades of observations, that the country is subtly corrupt to its core.


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