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Seven new films for CBBC My Life

Seven new films for CBBC My Life
Pippa Considine
16 December 2013

CBBC documentary series My Life returns in early in 2014 with seven new films following the lives of children with incredible personal stories, from Drummer TV, Nine Lives, Remark, MCC, Blakeway North and CTVC.

From aspiring Paralympians to a young girl living aboard a floating hospital in Africa, each story is a portrait told by the young people themselves. The seven initial stories broadcast in the new year will be followed by 10 more new films aired in 2015.

My Life: Race For Rio, the team from CTVC follows three teenagers on the road to Brazil as they attempt to become Paralympians. Julie, 14, Hattie, 13 and Reece, 16, are all determined to put in the extraordinary amount of training required to succeed, but with competition fierce, none of them is guaranteed a spot at the Paralympics. Race For Rio is made by CTVC and the executive producer is Leonie Hutchinson.

My Life: Peter’s Circus from Drummer TV tells the story of 14 year-old Peter, the youngest stunt motorbike rider in Europe who performs in his parent’s circus. Being one of the show’s most popular performers brings daily challenges, and the film follows Peter as he arrives with his friends in Scarborough the night before the Big Top goes up. The film is executive produced by Tamsin Summers and Rachel Drummond-Hay for Drummer TV.

In My Life: The Floating Hospital we meet Iona, a 15- year-old British girl who sails with her family on The Africa Mercy - a hospital ship that travels around the world helping people who need it most - and Grace, a Congolese teenager whose life has been shattered by the growth of an enormous tumour on her face. Grace and Iona don’t speak the same language but, somehow, they manage to find a way to overcome the barriers and become friends as Grace waits to find out if the doctors can save her life.

The Floating Hospital is made by MCC Media with Audrey Neil as executive producer.

My Life: The Most Famous School In The World is a two-part film from Blakeway North which follows three boys – James, Theodore and Faramade – who have all won New Foundation Scholarships to Eton College. The film follows them as they leave their old schools behind for their first eventful term as Etonians. Sarah Murch is executive producing for Blakeway.

In My Life: Born Lucky, also from Drummer TV, we meet teenager Joanne. Joanne can text faster with her top lip than most people can with their fingers, can eat spaghetti balancing her fork under her chin and is on first name terms with her favourite band, One Direction. She is also one of only seven people in the world born with no limbs due to a condition called Total Amelia. When the British Olympic Bobsleigh team gets in touch, Joanne decides she’s ready to face one of her biggest challenges.

The film is executive produced by Tamsin Summers and Rachel Drummond-Hay for Drummer TV.

Moving to the other side of the world is a massive decision for anyone to make, but how do children feel when their parents decide to make a new start in a different country? My Life: One Way Ticket finds out as we follow 10 year-old Daniel and his family as they move from Devon, England to Wellington, New Zealand.

One Way Ticket is made by Nine Lives Media and executive produced by Cat Lewis.

In My Life: Signing Off we meet 10-year-old Ben, who, together with his youngest sister, are the only two hearing people in a deaf family. With their parents, brothers and sister all being deaf, sign language is their first language. Ben moves between two parallel worlds: a world full of noise, speech and music and a world that is silent, but in My Life: Signing Off, Ben tries to bring both of his worlds together.

Signing Off
is made by Remark Media and the executive producer is Richard Marson.

Kez Margrie, CBBC’s executive producer for the My Life films, says: “At CBBC we try to encourage our viewers to see the world in a new and interesting way and we hope that the extraordinary personal stories told by the children in My Life will inspire them to do just that.”

The new series will begin on the CBBC Channel early in 2014.

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