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Savvy digital behind the new Jamie's 15-Minute Meals app

Savvy digital behind the new Jamie's 15-Minute Meals app
Staff Reporter
05 October 2012

Fresh One and Savvy digital have created a new Jamie's 15-Minute Meals app on iOS, timed to launch with the new series on Channel 4 this autumn.

The app can deliver any of the 80 dishes featured in the Jamie's 15-Minute Meals series to the viewers' mobile or tablet as a downloadable meal video, with meal videos available ahead of the TV series. Each meal video can be purchased at a cost of £1.49.

Viewers can also get the ingredients lists and nutritional information from the 80 dishes in the series, set reminders for specific shows and explore 36 other meals from the Jamie's 15-Minute Meals book which accompanies the series.

A scanner feature compatible with the built-in camera in many iOS devices is also available on the app, to go with the Jamie's 15-Minute Meals book. Using the scanner, viewers can hold their device over a recipe image in the book to reveal the corresponding meal card, and access the download-to-own meal video.

Commissioning editor at Channel 4 is Anna Cronin. The app was created and developed by Fresh One Productions with Savvy digital, with supporting designs and coding delivered by Hedgehog Labs.

The new Jamie's 15-Minute Meals TV series begins in October on Channel 4 and the new book to accompany the series is now available .

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