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Rival Media behind The People's Rainforest for Sky 1

Rival Media behind The People's Rainforest for Sky 1
Staff Reporter
07 September 2012

Rival Media is behind The People’s Rainforest on Sky 1. Hosted by Richard Bacon, two programmes will transmit across two consecutive nights in September, broadcasting live from Dublin on the second evening. The shows form part of a week of environmental programming on Sky.

The programmes are executive produced by Howard Myers and Steve Wynne for Rival Media and Clare Handford for Sky 1 HD. The series producer and director is Jeremy Daldry. 

Starting on Tuesday 25th September, The People’s Rainforest will follow a family for one week as they explore living without the benefits of the rainforest. Any object derived from the rainforest will be removed from their house with surprising and challenging results. Alongside the family, three experts will celebrate many of the incredible products and ingredients that derive from the rainforest: Glynn Purnell for cookery, James Wong for health and well-being advice and Wayne Hemingway for materials and design.
Meanwhile, landscape architect Robin Lock will be preparing to build a rainforest in Dublin which will host the live show on Wednesday 26th September. Richard Bacon will be joined by the experts who will demonstrate the importance of the rainforest in front of a studio audience. We will also hear from the family on the impact of the experiment.
Following the live show, the rainforest will remain in situ until the end of September to provide the opportunity for schools and members of the public to experience it.
The People’s Rainforest forms part of Sky’s commitment to protecting the rainforest. The programme has been created by Sky to support Sky Rainforest Rescue, Sky’s partnership with WWF and the Acre State Government, Brazil.

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Lee W
Lee W  | September 28, 2012
Never watched such drivel and lies the idiot taking away the families products needed to do his research before taking everything away, just one example car tyres are synthetic rubber not natural rubber. What are the idiots at SKY thinking. Maybe a little research in to what your telling people next time.

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