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Pulse gets £2.3m investment from film producer Sharon Harel

Pulse gets £2.3m investment from film producer Sharon Harel
Staff Reporter
15 October 2012

Pulse has received an injection of £2.3 million from film producer Sharon Harel.

Harel will take a 20% stake in the business and her husband, venture capitalist Sir Ronald Cohen, will be joining an advisory board which will also include Sir Harry Solomon, a long-standing shareholder in Pulse, and Sharon Harel.

The investment and advice will be used to boost the business in key areas, such as developing and owning IP, digital and technology expansion, international development – with a particular focus on the US and Brazil – and content distribution, where Pulse wants to develop a direct relationship with its core audience. 

Pulse’s most recent film Shut Up and Play the Hits (pictured) is currently playing across the US. It received official selection at Sundance and SXSW. The company has worked with music talent including Katy Perry, Blur, Coldplay, Bjork, Take That and Gael Garcia Bernal. The TV department was behind Sky’s Pineapple Dance Studios. Pulse also has an advertising department with a roster of directors.

Thomas Benski, ceo of Pulse, says: “Sharon Harel and Sir Ronald are bringing in smart money which will allow us to accelerate our growth and consolidate the company’s position as a global leader in entertainment and creative content.”
Sharon Harel and Sir Ronald Cohen add: “We have closely followed Pulse’s development over the last few years, through the involvement of Sir Harry Solomon, and have been greatly impressed by the entrepreneurial spirit at the heart of the company and its market-leading level creativity.  Pulse is a world apart from others in its space and has a real appetite for innovation.”

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