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Pact and Bectu provide new Deal Memo for drama crews

Pact and Bectu provide new Deal Memo for drama crews
Jon Creamer
23 February 2016

Pact and Bectu have published a new Deal Memo which aims to improve transparency for crew working on TV dramas. 

Pact and Bectu say the Deal Memo allows the production company and crew member to "discuss in an open manner at the time of an engagement some of the key issues relating to that engagement, for example, work pattern, hours included in the weekly rate and location of the work."

The Deal Memo was designed by Pact and Bectu following concerns expressed by crew on TV dramas about a lack of information on certain key issues at the time they are engaged and is the first step in a comprehensive negotiation. Pact and Bectu say that while the Deal Memo will not be exhaustive, it will give crew members an overview of the basic terms on which they will be working and will also highlight information that is not yet known. Production companies should continue to issue contracts and letters of engagement in the usual manner as the Deal Memo will not be sufficiently comprehensive to replace these.

The Deal Memo is now available to download from the Pact website here

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