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Oxford Films to make C4 Obama special with Matt Frei

Oxford Films to make C4 Obama special with Matt Frei
Staff Reporter
18 September 2012

Oxford films is to make a film about Barack Obama’s presidency to air in November 2012, coinciding with the presidential elections.

Written and presented by Channel 4's Washington Correspondent, Matt Frei's Obama and me (working title) will explore what ordinary Americans think about their president.

Commissioned by Channel 4's head of Factual, Ralph Lee, the special will see Frei on an election road trip across the Midwest. He travels from Minnesota to Michigan - stopping off at political rallies, Mormon church services and a horror convention, to take the temperature of America in this election year.

The film will examine the ups and downs of Obama's presidency and in particular it'll focus on the America middle class.

Ralph Lee says: "This film will provide an in-depth and engaging look at American politics at this pivotal moment for Britain's closest ally. We'll follow Matt as he leaves the Washington beltway to get closer to American voters and discover what happened to all the hope and promise that they invested in Obama's election four years ago. "

Oxford Films was behind Channel 4’s True stories: Wikileaks exposure late last year.

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