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October Films lines up Stonehenge co-pro for BBC2

October Films lines up Stonehenge co-pro for BBC2
Tim Dams
05 December 2013

October Films has put together a co-production with Lightship Entertainment (Canada) and Interspot Film (Austria) for a new two part series on Stonehenge that will play on BBC2 in the UK.

October has gained exclusive access to an international team of scientists working on a major archaeological project at Stonehenge. The series will combine new archaeological evidence from the international survey, drama reconstructions and CGI to produce a picture of the how the whole site looked in its heyday; revealing Stonehenge to be a Neolithic Valley of the Kings.

Stonehenge Empire (working title, 2x60’), is a co-production for BBC Two, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), Smithsonian Channel, France 5, ORF Austria and ZDF Germany.  It is being executive produced by Adam Bullmore, Terence McKeown and Heinrich Mayer -Moroni.

The series was commissioned by Martin Davidson for BBC Two;  Sue Dando for CBC; Chris Hoelzl for Smithsonian Channel, Perrine Poubeau for France 5; Andrew Solomon for ORF Austria; and Georg Graffe for ZDF Germany.  The co-production was set up by Lilla Hurst at Drive.

The Stonehenge Hidden Landscape Project is using remote sensing technologies to “peel-away” the surface of 14.5 km2 of the sacred site and reveal the full story of the lost civilization beneath.

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