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Objective & Kalel to make hidden camera series for C4

Objective & Kalel to make hidden camera series for C4
Staff Reporter
28 September 2012

Objective and Kalel Productions have been commissioned by Channel 4 to make new series Public Eye (w/t) for 2013.

The two indies recently collaborated on Mother of Invention for Sky Atlantic (pictured).

In a series of stunts, hidden cameras will capture the public’s reaction as actors play out challenging scenarios across the UK to test the public's reaction.

Scenarios include Muslims being singled out in a queue and strip-searched by security staff, a gay couple in a very public display of affection and a cash machine that spews out free money.

The programme will also examine current British law and how it applies to common dilemmas, for example in the workplace. Viewers will gain an insight into what is and isn't appropriate. For example, if a prospective boss were to ask job interviewees if they're likely to fall pregnant.

Public Eye was commissioned by Channel 4 head of Factual Entertainment Liam Humphreys and Factual Entertainment commissioning editor Rich Evans. The series will be executive produced by Nathan Eastwood, Andrew Newman and Nick Parnes and series produced by Martin Turner.

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