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Nutopia to recreate terrorist attack on Algerian gas plant

Nutopia to recreate terrorist attack on Algerian gas plant
Pippa Considine
31 July 2013

Channel 4 and PBS have co-commissioned Nutopia and director Bruce Goodison to make Terror in the Desert (w/t), a one-hour drama documentary special which details for the first time the full story behind the terrorist attack on the In Amenas gas facility in Algeria.

Nutopia will use a combination of drama and documentary in Terror in the Desert to tell the story of the terrorist siege, using first person interviews with hostage survivors and their families, many speaking on camera for the first time, and dramatic reconstruction of key events during the tense four days, which were punctuated with gun battles, escape and acts of bravery.

The film forensically examines the audacious storming of the gas plant which left a death toll of 37 foreign hostages from Britain, USA, France, Japan and Norway and the international response to the rapidly unfolding events.

“This is an extraordinary and tragic story which has been almost hidden from the world," says Jane Root, ceo Nutopia. "We’re incredibly grateful that these brave men and women are going to collaborate with us to try and shine a light on what happened in the desert.”

Director Bruce Goodison’s credits include Our War,  Bin Laden: Shoot to Kill and The Flight that Fought Back. Channel 4 commissioning editor is Daniel Pearl and executive producer for Nutopia is Nav Raman.

BBC Worldwide will distribute internationally.

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