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New micro drone offers first-person-view

New micro drone offers first-person-view
Jake Bickerton
04 May 2016

Here’s an interesting looking drone that looks set to come out soon, after getting fully funded via an indiegogo campaign. It’s RotorX's second release of its micro drone, The Atom, and is particularly noteworthy as it provides a very immersive looking first-person-view of what the drone sees while you’re flying it.

The first-person-view camera view is either shown on a small display on the remote control or via futuristic looking FPV goggles.

Both have a receiver in them to pick up the output of The Atom v2 and provide the pilot with a 110 degree field of view streamed directly from the drone.

The Atom v2 uses a custom-built camera that records to a micro SD card. It ships with an SD camera, but an HD camera is available as part of an upgrade, which can actually shoot up to 2K video.

The Atom v2 can be flown at a range of up to 2km, and this can be upgraded to provide a theoretical range of 100km (although the internal battery will run out after 3 or 4km so the max distance is very theoretical). The video range is limited to 5km with a standard antenna.

It takes around 20-30 minutes to charge the battery inside The Atom v2, and the flight time for the drones is between 3 and 8 minutes. So you’ll need a generous collection of batteries if you want to fly the drone for a few hours in the field.

The Atom V2 comes as a self-assembly pack, which takes around half an hour to fix together and, according to RotorX, is a pretty straightforward task.

RotorX has already received 157% of its goal, securing over $133k of funding through its indiegogo campaign, with 457 backers so far. There are eight days to go at the time of writing and the company estimates buyers will receive their kit within two months of the campaign’s completion.

The basic pack for a ready-to-fly Atom v2 and first-person-view controller is $499 + shipping, with various upgrades available, including $69 for the HD camera upgrade.

And here are some clips shot with The Atom v1...

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