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Nab 2016: Grass Valley launches LDX 86N and Korona switcher

Nab 2016: Grass Valley launches LDX 86N and Korona switcher
Jon Creamer
18 April 2016

At this year’s Nab, Grass Valley launched the latest in its 4K LDX 86 series of cameras — the LDX 86N Series of native 4K cameras and a new compact product switcher, Korona.


The cameras are aimed at outside broadcasting as well as live and studio productions and can be used for native 4K or can switch to native 3G/HD. 


 “The ability of the LDX 86N to capture either native 4K or native 3G/HD without having to change cameras is unique and a competitive advantage for users,” said Mike Cronk, senior vice president of strategic marketing. “The real key to success today is flexibility—having the option to capture what you need as it changes from job to job with a single solution can make all the difference and increase the number of productions you’re able to accommodate.”


Each camera uses three next-generation native 4K Xensium HAWK CMOS imagers that support full native 3840x2160 4K resolution and offer a pixel technology called DPMUltra (dynamic pixel management). With DPMUltra, the camera also provides native 1920x1080 HD acquisition inside the imager without the downsides of 4K acquisition, such as rolling shutter and decreased sensitivity. 


The new LDX 86N system cameras work with the XCU XF fiber base stations and XF Transmission adapters. The LDX 86N Series will be available in multiple configurations that are switchable with software licenses. The series includes: LDX 86N HiSpeed 1X/3X HD super slow-motion camera; LDX 86N XtremeSpeed 1X/3X/6X HD and 1X/3X 3G super slow-motion camera; LDX 86N WorldCam for 3G/HD content in 1080i/720p/1080PsF/1080p; LDX 86N 4K with the features of the WorldCam plus 3840x2160 UHD; LDX 86N Universe offers universal format support with switchable 1X/3X/6X HD, 1X/3X 3G and 1X 4K single speed capture


Any camera in the range can be upgraded to the next level of functionality, all the way up to the LDX 86N Universe, through the GV-eLicense program. 



Grass Valley also launched the new “smaller footprint” GV Korona production switcher. 


Korona has the same feature set as the Kayenne and Karrera Video Production Center switchers, but does so with a smaller, “space-efficient” control surface. 


Available in 1 and 2 M/E (stripe) panels, GV Korona is packaged with the compact K-Frame S-series video processing engine, though it is compatible with all Grass Valley K-Frames. The K-Frame S-series frame is compatible with all larger Kayenne and Karrera panels.


The new GV Korona K-Frame S-series supports multiple HD formats, and can be upgraded to 3G/4K with a software license. The GV Korona 2 stripe panel supports 20 assignable buttons on each M/E row as well as a touchscreen in the transition area. GV Korona also has the largest I/O matrix for a small switcher frame (80x48), with optional IP SMPTE ST 2022-6 I/O. 


“Broadcasters around the world see Grass Valley switchers as the ‘gold standard,’ and GV Korona builds on that reputation by bringing a much needed compact option to professionals who work in mobile units or small studios,” explained Mike Cronk, senior vice president of strategic marketing, Grass Valley. “The advantage to operators is, there’s no new training required—once they know how to use any one of our switchers, they know how to use them all.”


GV Korona’s surface features a built-in touchscreen interface and a menu integrated into the panel, and uses the same OLED and color technologies as the larger Grass Valley panels. 





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