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NAB2015: Technicolor offers HDR grading service

NAB2015: Technicolor offers HDR grading service
David Wood
14 April 2015

Technicolor is to offer a new high dynamic range (HDR) grading service for movies, TV shows and commercials and has launched an HDR plugin for broadcasters and producers to create their own HDR content.

The service will launch at Technicolor facilities in 2015, beginning in Los Angeles, and will include a range of solutions and budgets for both existing libraries and new content creation.

The Intelligent Tone Management plugin will enable broadcasters to create HDR content in their own facilities by analysing video content in real-time and providing colourists with direct control of luminance in the shadows, mid-tones and highlights.

Demand for HDR content is increasingly important as new HDR-enabled devices come to market.
HDR is a standard feature of Ultra HD Blu-ray, part of the Ultra HD specifications to be determined by the UHD Alliance and under consideration for the next generation broadcasting standard ATSC 3.0.

HDR grading

HDR expands the dynamic range for an increase in video quality that more closely matches what the human eye actually sees.

The result is a more realistic, immersive cinematic experience with greater depth, richer colors and more details in both the shadows and highlights.

Projects will be graded to the HDR specifications set out by the UHD Alliance, a global coalition of leading film studios, consumer electronics manufacturers, content distributors and technology companies.

The UHD Alliance has helped define the next generation premium UHD with high dynamic range, wide color gamut, high frame rates and advanced audio.

The Technicolor Intelligent Tone Management plugin be licensed by Technicolor across multiple popular colour grading platforms including Autodesk’s Lustre and Blackmagic’s DaVinci Resolve.

An OpenFX version of the plugin will also be available, enabling use across all platforms that support the interoperable plugin format.

Autodesk’s vice president of film and television solutions Marc Stevens said: “The plugin does a fantastic job of helping colourists control whole sections of an image simultaneously, creating a rapid HDR grade that colourists can then trim or fine tune using Lustre’s advanced tools.”

Blackmagic Design ceo Grant Petty said: ““Demand for HDR content is growing and we’re seeing the community embrace its power so this is a perfect time for the launch of a Resolve plugin to fully explore the new medium.”

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