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NAB2015: Red unveils Weapon camera

NAB2015: Red unveils Weapon camera
David Wood
13 April 2015

Red has unveiled its much-trailed latest incarnation of the Red digital camera family Red Weapon, an upgraded version of the Red Dragon with a smaller form factor designed for mounting on drones and rigs.

The camera has a 6K camera sensor and can record simultaneous R3D and ProRes recording in-camera

Marking manager Brian Henderson described it as the ‘Dragon reborn’.

He added that the camera would have a built in upgrade path that would make 'obsolescence obsolete'.

Red users will be able to upgrade to an 8K capable version of the Weapon by the end of 2016.

The specs on the Red User website say the cameras record R3D and scaled version of same footage as ProRes. For example 6K master, and 2K ProRes up to 60fps.

The Weapon will cost $34,500 for the camera brain and media bay. ‚Ä®

The Red Weapon benefits include:

- Apple ProRes 4444XQ, 4444, 422HQ, 422 or 422LT

- Tethered streaming ProRes - ProRes recorded proxy can be sent to Ethernet, while R3D master sent to media

- 17x17x17 3D LUTs

- Faster data throughput. Up to 50% higher data rates to card. Existing Red MINI-MAG 512GB cards are already ready for transfer speed increase

- Dual monitor ports on Brain for EVF/LCDs

- Automatic sensor calibration. Select exposure times from 1/8000s to 1/8s without calibrating

Wider operating band for sensor temperature

- Better thermal management, Lower fan noise with no front fans and more stable operating temperature 

- Integrated top-plate

- Integrated wireless control connectivity

- Interchangeable and removable I/O options with accessible port placement

- Interchangeable OLPFs with smart detection of which OLPF is installed

- Monitor flip and mirror on all outputs, including SDI

- Integrated dual digital front microphones

A Red press statement said the Weapon:

"Combines a refined color science with the dynamic range of the 19 megapixel Dragon sensor, plus  an array of performance enhancements including simultaneous on-board Redcode Raw and Apple ProRes recording (4444 XQ, 4444, 422 HQ, 422 and 422 LT) as well as 1D and 3D LUTs for precise color matching.
"The Brain itself has been completely redesigned for modular performance and features on-board audio recording, improved thermal management, new interchangeable OLPFs with smart detection, an integrated top plate, and built-in wi-fi functionality.

"Capable of faster data rates with the Red Mini Mag SSD cards, Weapon also offers tethered streaming ProRes via ethernet while concurrently archiving R3D masters.

"It also offers several operating improvements such as automatic sensor calibration with a wider operating band for sensor temperature and improved low light performance.
"Available in a magnesium or carbon fiber editions, Weapon will be offered as both an upgrade for existing customers as well as a new camera option.

"Customers who place a deposit during the week of NAB will also qualify for specialty pricing incentives and have the opportunity to pre-order Red’s 8K sensor upgrade at a special rate."

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