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NAB 2014: Arri/Zeiss to unveil complete anamorphic series

NAB 2014: Arri/Zeiss to unveil complete anamorphic series
David Wood
01 April 2014

Manufacturers Arri and Zeiss will be unveiling the final lens in its Master Anamorphic series at NAB this year, with the Arri/Zeiss Master Anamorphic MA135/T1.9 completing the series of seven.

According to Arri the high-performance lenses help achieve unique image compositions across a variety of production types – from feature films and Hollywood blockbusters to commercials – because of their unique characteristics.

The Master Anamorphic family was launched in September 2012 with the unveiling of the MA 50/T1.9 at IBC.

The MA 35/T1.9, MA 75/T1.9 and MA 100/T1.9 lenses followed at last year’s NAB and IBC with the MA 40/T1.9 and MA 60/T1.9 unveiled at the Zeiss Cine Lens Day last November.

Arri and Zeiss have designed the Master Anamorphic series to solve problems commonly associated with anamorphic optics.

The lenses show little image breathing and low distortion.

The issue of anamorphic mumps – when faces shot at close range appear wider – is balanced out by positioning the cylindrical lens elements at strategically important points.

The result is a unique anamorphic bokeh that is free from artifacts thanks to a newly developed iris diaphragm with 15 aperture blades, says Arri.

The Arri/Zeiss Master Anamorphic lenses are manufactured in Germany by Zeiss, exclusively for Arri and are only available through Arri sales channels.

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