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MPC's Jean-Clement Soret tops list of UK's best colourists

MPC's Jean-Clement Soret tops list of UK's best colourists
Jake Bickerton
15 March 2013

The UK’s top 20 colourists are profiled in the March issue of Televisual, with MPC’s Jean-Clement Soret landing the top spot for the fourth year in succession. Colourists from a wide range of facilities are featured in the article, with the 20 colourists split into two lists – the top 10 commercials colourists and the top 10 colourists working predominantly in Film and TV.

The results are based on Televisual’s annual survey of grading artists, producers and colourist awards.

The hugely positive impact a colourist can have on a production’s look and feel puts them in high demand. The best colourists, who can create looks that catapult productions to a whole new stratosphere, while diplomatically taking on board the demands and desires of a whole host of often difficult to please clients, are gold-dust to post houses.

Over the pages of the feature are profiles of more than 20 colourists at the top of their game. The profiles are based on the opinions of fellow colourists, producers, grading kit makers and the judges of the handful of industry awards aimed at grading artists.

Here are the two top 10 lists, as revealed in the March issue of Televisual, along with a quote from a peer or client highlighting why they are top of their game. For the full five-page report, including full write-ups of each of the colourists in the top 20, see this month’s printed issue of Televisual magazine.

Congratulations to the following colourists:


1.    Jean-Clement Soret, MPC: “Jean-Clement is an über talented colourist who isn’t afraid to use strong visuals and create unique colour palettes on such a wide spectrum of genres.”

2.    Paul Harrison, Finish: “He’s started a brilliant department at Finish, and has produced some lovely grades for some top UK directors.”

3.    Seamus O’Kane, The Mill: “Year after year his work moves to the next level. His credit list is endless – he is one of the best commercials colourists out there.”

4 =.   Simon Bourne, Framestore: “I love his work with Dan Wolfe – he’s been consistently good for a few years.”

4. =  Aubrey Woodiwiss, The Mill: “He makes “unconventional grades that are beautiful.”

6.    Ben Rogers, Glassworks: “He’s an excellent grader with more enthusiasm than you could shake a stick at.”

7.    George K, MPC: “George has the fantastic ability to push the picture beyond perfection and his personality is as great as the work he produces.”

8.    Simone Grattarola, Rushes: “Simone’s body of work has been really strong with some visually stunning pieces.”

9.    Mick Vincent, The Mill: “Mick combines unique grading talent with a strong engineering background to be the ideal colourist.”

10.    Mark Horrobin, Smoke & Mirrors: “He has a good range of grading techniques.”


1.    Jet Omoshebi, Deluxe 142: “Whenever I check the end credits after watching a particularly eye-catching grade, it’s invariably her name that appears.”

2.    Aidan Farrell, The Farm Group: “He’s still consistently producing unique and striking grades.”

3.    Adam Glasman, Company 3: “He is consistently turning out top-end, stunning feature films.”

4.    Rob Pizzey, Company 3: “A great talent, who constantly delivers top quality work.”

5.    Thomas Urbye, The Look: “His grading accentuated the shows with some well-considered creative looks that were faithful to the concept and photography.”

6=.   Gareth Spensley, Molinare: “Gareth is a versatile colourist with an abundance of flair.”

6=.   Asa Shoul, Molinare: “Asa has a passion for film that informs all his visual work, and is always exploring new ways of presenting photography.”

8=.   Adam Inglis, Freelancer: “Adam’s style always jumps off the screen and his understanding of his clients runs deep.”

8=.   Kevin Horsewood, Prime Focus: “He always produces perfect results with seemingly zero effort.”

10=.   Lee Clapison, Lipsync: “A superb up-and-coming talent.”
10=.   Paul Staples, Deluxe 142: “Gritty urban grading.”
10=.   Vince Narduzzo, Narduzzo Too: “He’s always sympathetic to the genre and narrative of each show he works on.”
10=.   Ross Baker, Halo Post: “He consistently hits the mark across a variety of genres.”

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David Neal
David Neal  | March 20, 2013
No one from Bristol? You may have seen some of the programmes about animals that look pretty darn good.

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