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Like A Shot brings Forbidden History back to Yesterday

Like A Shot brings Forbidden History back to Yesterday
Pippa Considine
11 February 2014

UKTV channel yesterday has entered into a co-production deal with Like A Shot Entertainment for a second series of Forbidden History, presented by Jamie Theakston.

In the new six-part series, Theakston travels from Jordan to New York, as he investigates, contentious historic secrets and looks for new evidence.

In one episode, Theakston enlists the expertise of local historians and experts to explors the lost city of Petra to see if ancient treasure still lies undetected beneath the ruins. In another, he looks into the theory that the Nazis were engaged in building space crafts designed to produce electromagnetic disruption, before the outbreak of World War Two.

Adrian Wills, general manager of Yesterday, ordered the new series and the deal was negotiated by UKTV's acquisitions and co-production manager Emma Sparks.

Henry Scott, managing director of Like A Shot Entertainment, said, "Like A Shot and our funding partners were very pleased with the look, tone and the ratings success of Forbidden History series one. We hope to raise the bar again by unearthing more great Forbidden History stories and by presenting them again in a contemporary and entertaining fashion for series two."

During the series Jamie also tries to uncover whether evidence exists to prove that the oracle at Delphi has supernatural powers and why the Order of the Rosy Cross is so ultra-secretive.

Forbidden History
returns to Yesterday later this year.

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