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Leopard makes UGC snow-trapped show for C5

Leopard makes UGC snow-trapped show for C5
Pippa Considine
17 January 2014

Leopard Films has been commissioned by Channel 5 to make a one-off, hour-long documentary with GroupM Entertainment about harrowing snow experiences.

Help! I’m Snowtrapped will give the viewer a first-hand account of the worst things that can happen to you in the snow, using survivors’ own user generated footage along with first-hand testimonials from those involved.

The documentary tells the stories of hikers lost for days, survivors of avalanches and people buried in their cars. Viewers will witness the moment when a snowboarder is buried under an avalanche, a mother’s goodbye message to her children as she attempts to stay alive whilst being buried alive in her car and a young woman who survived for six days on an icy ledge on a mountain.

Charlie Bunce is executive producer for Leopard Films.
Leopard Films is part of Argonon, the super-indie production group formed by Leopard Films ceo James Burstall in 2011.

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