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Icon recaptures giant killers for BBC and Animal Planet

Icon recaptures giant killers for BBC and Animal Planet
Jon Creamer
06 May 2015

Icon Films has teamed with the Natural History Film Unit Botswana and won a commission from the BBC and Animal Planet US to produce a follow up to its Africa’s Giant Killers documentary.

The Return of the Giant Killers; Africa’s Lion Kings is a one hour documentary that reunites director cinematographer Brad Bestelink and film photographer Richard Uren to capture more wildlife footage in the Savute Game Reserve in Botswana. The film will again form part of the BBC’s Natural World strand.

With its year-round water, Savute Marsh in northern Botswana attracts huge herds of grazers, especially during the dry season. The lions are easily sated during this time of plenty – until one exceptionally harsh year when the grass runs out, and the herds vanish. Desperate to remain in their territory, but with only elephants left to hunt, the resident lions have no choice but to take on Africa’s giants. Inspired by a fearless leader, their remarkable success as ‘giant killers’ enables them to stay in the marsh, but for how long?

Roger Webb, Natural World’s Strand Editor commissioned the documentary and is executive producer for the BBC. Executive producers of ‘The Return of the Giant Killers; Africa’s Lion Kings’ for Icon Films are Harry Marshall and Laura Marshall. BBC Worldwide will distribute the film for the world excluding the US where Animal Planet will air the film. The BBC will air the film in the UK.

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