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IVCA launches consultation on merger

IVCA launches consultation on merger
Staff Reporter
04 July 2012

The IVCA, the membership association that represents corporate communication companies, is floating the idea of a merger with Eventia, the official trade body of the events and live marketing industry.

The IVCA board has been in discussion with the board of Eventia about a possible merger and has launched a consultation process with its members.

Over the next few months all IVCA members will be asked for their views before a formal proposal is put to a vote of the membership.

The focus of the new association will be to "better reflect the changing communication landscape providing a single powerful voice to an industry valued at over £36billion."

Marco Forgione, IVCA Chief Executive, said: "For the past 18 months IVCA and Eventia have been working more closely together with members participating in each other's events. The last few years have seen a dramatic shift in the communication landscape. These changes, driven in part by technology and in part by the decline in traditional interruption marketing and advertising, provide a unique opportunity for our sectors. The new association will provide a powerful voice for an industry valued at over £36billion, three times the combined value of the UK's Advertising and PR industries.
As well as having a stronger international voice with Government, clients and commissioners the new association will substantially increase the range of benefits and services it offers its members."

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