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ITV Studios to make five part ITV1 drama Lightfields

ITV Studios to make five part ITV1 drama Lightfields
Staff Reporter
10 August 2012

ITV Studios is to make a new five part drama for ITV1. Lightfields is a supernatural drama set on a remote farm on the Suffolk coast.

The story follows three families who each live in Lightfields farmhouse at different time periods (1944, 1976 and 2012) and who are linked by a presence, the ghost of a teenage girl who died in tragic circumstances. 

Lightfields is an original story from writer Simon Tyrell (She’s Gone, The Vice). The drama follows Marchlands (pictured), which aired on ITV1 in 2011 and was in the top ten most watched dramas on television that year. Like Marchlands, Lightfields has been developed from the format of an original US pilot called The Oaks, created by David Schulner for Twentieth Century Fox Television.

Lightfields has been commissioned for ITV1 by drama commissioning team Laura Mackie and Sally Haynes. “We’re delighted to build on the success of Marchlands with another highly original take on the format,” says Mackie. “It’s a very distinctive addition to our slate.”

Cherry Gould (Above Suspicion: Silent Scream) will produce Lightfields and ITV Studios’ Kate Lewis (Mr Selfridge, Marchlands) will executive produce. The episodes will be directed by Damon Thomas (Prisoners’ Wives, Monroe) and filming begins in August in Rickmansworth and on location in East Sussex.

“Simon Tyrell has found a bold and authored way to approach the format that inspired Marchlands for us last year,” said executive producer, Kate Lewis. “The scripts are incredibly atmospheric and there’s great complexity to the characters as they interweave across the decades.”

The drama opens in 1944, in wartime Britain, where we meet teenager, Lucy, who lives and works on the farm with her nine year old brother, Pip, and parents, Martha and Albert. When Eve arrives as an evacuee from London with her little sister, she and Lucy become friends. Although her parents have their eye on a bright and ambitious local boy for their daughter, Lucy’s head is soon turned by Eve's boyfriend, American airman Dwight. As Lucy is increasingly drawn to Dwight, her childhood friend, Tom, watches jealously

One  summer evening, a fire rips through the hay barn and a family and local community are torn apart by grief. The events of that night hold the key to a mystery that will haunt generations to come.

In the scorching summer of 1976, Vivien arrives at Lightfields with her teenage daughter, Clare. She has no memory of the farmhouse though she was evacuated to the area during the war. But over time supernatural events force her to confront the childhood trauma.

In 2012, Barry and his wife, Lorna, have recently moved in and are trying to set the farmhouse up as a bed & breakfast whilst also trying to raise their eight year old grandson, Luke. When Barry’s 77 year old father (Pip from 1944) arrives to live with them, he strikes up an understanding with Luke. It seems momentarily as if Barry’s worries are over, but Pip’s presence disturbs the restless spirit in the house.


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