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ITN Source provides 60s Rank archive for BBC4 20-part series

ITN Source provides 60s Rank archive for BBC4 20-part series
Staff Reporter
11 October 2012

BBC Four has commissioned a 20-part series called Britain on Film that will use archive footage from over 500 Rank Organisation cinema documentary films from the 1960s.
ITN Source, the footage licensing division of ITN, is supplying ten hours of archive to BBC Scotland, which is producing the series. The content is entirely sourced from Rank’s Look at Life series, which was shown in Odeon and Gaumont cinemas from 1959 until 1969. The vast majority of this footage has never been seen on television before.

Each episode of Britain on Film explores different aspects of British life and culture in the 1960s. The series includes episodes such as A Woman’s Place, which looks at the changing role of women during the decade. The Cold War covers British responses to the tensions arising from the international conflict with nations behind the Iron curtain. Having Fun examines the new leisure opportunities opening up to the people of Britain.
Throughout the series, the Look at Life footage is accompanied by the original commentaries, rather than new voiceovers.

The original footage is taken from 35mm colour reels, with ITN Source restoring some content that had deteriorated over time. The series is executive produced by David Okuefuna and is commissioned by the controller of BBC Four Richard Klein.

“After I was approached by ITN Source, who alerted me to the vast spread of the Look at Life series, I realised there was a wealth of content to bring the sixties to life,” said David Okuefuna, executive director of Britain on Film. “The films shine a light on every element of the decade, not just the ‘swinging sixties’ stereotype.”
The first run of films are expected to appear on BBC Four between now and March.

Richard Klein will be interviewed by The Garden chief executive Magnus Temple at The Televisual Factual Festival on October 24th.

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