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IBC 2012: Arri in fibre Alexa launch

IBC 2012: Arri in fibre Alexa launch
David Wood
11 September 2012

Camera manufacturer Arri has launched a fibre-equipped version of the popular Arri Alexa in response to growing demand for 35mm style productions in studio and outside broadcast. 

Using an Alexa Fibre Remote Box and software upgrade the camera will allow live event producers to operate the camera from a broadcast control panel to create a filmic look. 

The system uses a Telecast fibre output with the camera and remote box costing around 40,000 Euro. 

Recently four fibre-based Alexas were used on a Coldplay concert in Paris. 

Arri director of business development Milan Krsljanin said fibre-backed Alexa was designed to appeal to filmmakers who want to shoot live events such as music concerts with a filmic look. 

Krsljanin insisted that the move did not signal a move into the system camera business for Arri and that the camera was not designed to appeal to sports producers.

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