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Hunt: C4 Gypsy franchise to end next year

Hunt: C4 Gypsy franchise to end next year
Staff Reporter
24 August 2012

Channel 4’s chief creative officer, Jay Hunt has indicated that the broadcaster’s highly successful run of Firecracker Films’ My Big Fat Gypsy Weddings and all its various spin offs will draw to a natural close next year.

Speaking at the Media Guardian Edinburgh TV Festival, Hunt said the channel had “got to a point where we've started to look differently at that franchise” and that after a series of specials next year it would “reach the end of the line. Big audiences can be addictive, and you have to know when to cross the line.”

Responding to comments that she is too hands on with commissioning decisions, she said if “it’s on my watch I should be aware of it and across it.” And that it would be “weird if I stayed in my ivory tower. I have to provide leadership. That’s what I was brought in to do.”


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