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Fixed Rig Debate : Panel Discussion

Fixed Rig Debate : Panel Discussion
Jake Bickerton
19 January 2015

Fixed rig shows have introduced a new type of programming over recent years, with unobtrusive cameras able to capture the goings on inside buildings, bringing to life everything from Big Brother to the highly praised Educating... series.

In this informative panel discussion, many of the most experienced personnel working on creating, developing and televising fixed rig shows come together to discuss the merits of the fixed rig setup, what works well with such a setup and what the future holds for fixed rig programming.

The panel includes The Garden's CEO Nick Curwin, who is highly experienced at developing fixed rig shows with a long list of fixed rig credits to his name, and Rick Horne of Twofour, another with an enviable track record in fixed rig shows. They are joined by CTV OB's Adam Berger, who has been responsible for the outside broadcast of a large number of the best known fixed rig shows, Procam's Nick Badham and Lime Pictures' Joe McLusky.

The Fixed Rig Debate was recorded live on a small fixed rig setup at BAFTA during the Televisual Factual Festival 2014.

The Fixed Rig Debate from Televisual Media on Vimeo.

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