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First film shot on the Arri Alexa Mini

First film shot on the Arri Alexa Mini
Jake Bickerton
24 February 2015

Freefly, the maker of the Movi stabilisers and Cinestar drones, has released The Balloonist, the first short film shot with Arri’s newly announced 4K Alexa Mini. 

Made in collaboration with Arri and Seattle-based production company Mindcastle, The Balloonist was shot over the course of an afternoon in November 2014 using a prototype Alexa Mini.

Arri officially released details about the Alexa Mini yesterday, and is showcasing a prototype of the camera at BVE2015, which opens today at Excel.

As its name suggests, the Alexa Mini is a compact and lightweight version of the Alexa that’s been designed to “complement a full Alexa shooting kit and allows crews to eliminate the complications of working with third-party cameras by keeping everything within a single system,” explains Arri in its press release

The camera features lightweight carbon housing and a solid titanium PL mount that connects directly with the new internal sensor mount to “ensure a super-stable flange focal distance, even when using large lenses.

Arri describes the Alexa Mini as a “go-anywhere tool, easy to transport in backpacks or as carry-on luggage” and enables shooting in very tight shooting conditions.

It can be operated remotely using a wireless remote control or as a conventional camera, using buttons on the camera body and with the addition of the Arri MVF-1 multi viewer or an on-board monitor.

The camera has a 4:3 sensor, automatic de-squeeze mode for anamorphic productions and frame rates of 0.75-200fps. It records ProRes or uncompressed Arriraw either in-camera, to CFast 2.0 cards or to a specially designed external Codex recorder that can record image streams from up to four Alexa Minis simultaneously. It can record up to 4K UHD ProRes images.

Arri says: “Images from the Alexa Mini will perfectly match those from all other Alexa cameras, making the final grade easier and quicker.”

The Alexa Mini will begin shipping in May 2015, with orders being taken from next month.

The Balloonist from Freefly on Vimeo.

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Joy  | July 7, 2015
Great info! The movie Mad Max: Fury Road also used a rental Arri Alexa from Aim Image

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