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Envy invests in Flame Premium upgrades

Envy invests in Flame Premium upgrades
David Wood
29 April 2015

Envy Post Production has made a significant £200,000 investment upgrading five of its advertising and entertainment vfx suites to run Flame Premium 2016 software supplied by XTFX.

The aim is to strengthen its high-end editing and vfx offering for commercials and branded content development.

Every system will have Flame Premium 2016 installed on a HP Z840 workstation with 128GB RAM, Quadro K6000 GPU card and 40Gb/s infiniband networking.

All five systems will additionally have a second Quadro K6000 GPU card fitted for on-board background rendering, giving the Flame Artist two Flame systems in one box.

Envy head of technical operations Daniel Sassen said: “We worked closely with the team at XTFX who partnered with Envy's engineers and were instrumental in producing a smooth transition with a testing, installation and training plan.”

Envy will also be installing a Flare Assist workstation in each suite and a Flame Assist workstation in the MCR Support area to bolster throughput and efficiency for demanding jobs.

Envy md Dave Cadle said: “With this investment we are supporting our clients with the very best high-end vfx offering.

“The Flame Premium upgrades give the entire department new workstations, render capability, storage and networking, allowing our artists to tackle complex projects with ease.”

Envy’s new head of advertising & entertainment Jane White added: “As one of the first post houses to upgrade to Flame Premium, we’ll be offering our clients faster rendering, a greater range of file codecs for import/export and of course new 4K capabilities.”

Recent Flame work at Envy includes promo Pitch to Rich and C4 comedy Ballot Monkeys.

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